Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Pleasure Principle

Physical life is ideally to draw pleasure or pleasantness from it. To suggest that it should ultimately be unpleasant makes the making of this reality absurd. What we do as individuals affects the whole of humanity. We are one organism. We'll rise together or we will fall together. We don't need to identify with difference. We need to identify with commonality. Friendships happen when commonality happens. Is our goal to be better than we used to be? Why? Just accept exactly where we find ourselves. If we have a goal to be better, we have a goal to reject our present 'me'. That's the purpose of being here. Create a meaningful life of our choosing with the bodies we're born in and the environment we find ourselves in. The idea isn't to try to be better. That is lack of acceptance for the natural-born present state. Non-acceptance is non-love and non-love is hate. If we don't want others to hate themselves, we should make the choice consistent with our desire for other and want the same thing for ourselves. Any restrictions on human freedom is lessening the human experience. The unhappiness will gain and the happiness will lessen whenever freedoms are restricted unnecessarily. Atheists have the best understanding of God. Live our life. Do what we want. Understand that there is nothing evil about how we manifest naturally in the determined event, our body's environment. We are not our body/personalities but they are needed by us if we are to participate in a reality with body/personalities.

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