Monday, 31 October 2016

Unanswered Questions by the Consensus Science Industry

*Why can a photon travel and cause a measurement of time but be at the constant where time stops?
*Why is observation key to reality being in a particle state when unobserved it's in a wave state?
*What is empathy, instinct, intuition?
*What is gravity, really?
*What is the cause of time dilation?
*What is the true nature of infinity?
*Where are the other universes if there are any?
*Does the brain proceed from the Mind or does the mind proceed from the brain?
*Is there life after death?
*If only dimensional surfaces can act as location for light, why can we see the blue sky during daylight hours?
*If the earth was a sphere and the earth was on fire, why would the flames be flickering downward from the people living in Antarctica?
*If distance needs to be perceived to be actual, is there distance when no one is looking? If there is no distance, can there be movement which requires it? Tell me how evolution works in a non-motion model.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Big Bust

A Big Bang event needs a time to happen at and a place to happen in. The Big Bang Theory which posits common origin for all galaxies is not a valid theory. What would be our observations of galaxies if they originated independently of one another? The universe is mathematical and math is ordered information. Big Bangs have no way of having mathematical definitions and virtual particle placement coordinates proceed from it. Scientists discovered that light can create matter. Are we going to claim two origins for matter? We're taught that all those galaxies sprang from a Big Bang event but this is incorrect. Every galaxy is its own universe with its own black hole. Is our universe one of many? There are as many universes as there are galaxies. All galaxies have their own black hole which is their point of origin. All material universes should be just as visible to us as our own. A void cannot be more than one. A black hole is a singularity with spacetime coming out in a cone-shape. All events are on the other end of the cone as a circle and no matter where we dissect the cone, the cone will look the same. Size is relative. There wouldn't be any difference to the cone regardless of where the dissection took place.

The singularity is the absolute state where space is contracted to the one true location or where 'I' lives and the event horizon (black hole) is the other side of the cone where the one location is superpositioned into a myriad of locations and allows for perceptual reality including motion, linear time and distance. At the apex of the black hole is the one true location, the singularity where time stops, space comes to a single point, velocity reaches non-motion and mass is both infinite and zero (no limit). It cones out from that point which is why we see radiation's vector going out from that one single point. Gravitation is told to us by the Consensus Science Industry that black holes are the greatest concentration of this gravitational force and can even keep light from escaping. They say the greatest gravitational pull is the black hole and yet radiation moves away from the core (the opposite of what should be predicted). Anything that can be made or produced is atomic. To change an element we take away or add the number of electrons or protons of the atom. Chemical reactions are molecule changes by a simple addition or subtraction of an atom.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

No Linear Time, No Evolution

Evolution requires that the future be created linearly and linear time is a perceptual error caused by being at a relative reference frame (a body). Four dimensional reality is needed to be non-virtual (actual). Dimensionality is caused by the brain which takes non-spacial, atemporal, non-dimensional information (blueprints) building a dimensional representation. The brain causes the four dimensional reality. It is a perceptually-dependent reality, not an actual one. Physical reality is created by our brains. To say that our brains were the result of evolution is the same thing as saying an effect can cause its own cause. Evolutionary theory can be falsified if the body is found to be designed for a simulated reality and not a real 'stuff is really stuff' reality. The body, when examined, is found to be exactly that; a functioning reality simulator. All physical pain that we feel is not physical pain at all. That pain is manufactured in the brain to convince us that there is pain in our toe when we stub it. All physical objects are really waves (look up electron wave nature) which is what information or blueprints look like in perceptually-dependent space. When these waves or blueprints enter the sensory organs, it is sent to the brain to be decoded and built into a virtual image of what those instructions say the object is to look like. The three-dimensional reality needed to be real in order for the Theory of Evolution to correlate with the true nature of reality is caused by the body. The body is the one that causes the three dimensional, perceptually-dependent reality. This not-actually-real reality cannot produce a body to produce the reality to produce this body.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The Unrapeable Object

The respected spokesman for an atheistic paradigm, Daniel Dennett, has removed the right to make rape a crime. He has the view that bodies are ownerless. If an object is ownerless, who is going to tell us we can't claim it as our own? The subject is the owner of the body. We can't have sex with that body unless permission has been given. It belongs to a subject. If the body belonged to no one, there is no one to get permission and we wouldn't be amiss to have sex with it as if it was our own. If we are no more than chemicals, that makes us nothing more than a glorified glue stick. Emergence is the unsupportable, faith-based claim to rival the theists' 'God'. Objects (computers) will never be conscious. For a computer to become Subject, it would have to exist in a the state that a Subject can exist which is the infinite state (no space, no time). The only phenomenon known to us that abides at this state is light. 

At its velocity, time stops, meaning space has contracted to a single location. This is how being outside of space and time is defined. Science has known for a very long time that mass can't be at the constant. If I say, 'red shoe' and you see a red shoe in your mind, that wasn't from the brain. Brains represent information received by the senses. They didn't receive a red shoe because a red shoe isn't black English letters on a white background. You have to begin your logical deduction from the constant. Any measuring done from a relativistic reference frame will result in useless data-gathering. Gravity need not apply. Force is described by Sir Isaac Newton as mass [x] acceleration. All mass objects have a natural velocity in space which is the velocity where mass becomes weightless. When our bodies, which have a velocity vector perpendicular to earth's surface, get resisted by this surface, our mass is accelerated to 0 km/hr. and a force measurement can be recorded. If linear time doesn't actually exist, then it's only event change that does. This spacetime reality works if all the objects in the events move at the same rate of speed, which is why we observe the terminal velocity of mass objects being identical regardless of the mass's size.

Finding balance is finding your center. If all objects are falling with the same 'down', you won't fall off the bike if you're directly on top of it. You'll be falling on top of the seat of the bike which allows you to be centered on the bike and not off-center and on the ground.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Below the Angel, Above the Animal

Who is causing human beings to desire lowering their value by wanting humanity categorized as 'animal'? We know by the punishment we hand out in our justice system that human lives have greater value than fish or ducks. We don't go to prison for murdering ducks on a hunting trip. Humans are more than animals. Animals are only concerned with their bodily needs. Humans are planetary conscious and can think as a global whole. If we're animals we should either be decent when we're naked or dogs should be wearing garments to hide their shame. The only way animals can reproduce is if they are the same animal sharing compatible DNA. We will always get offspring that is the product of the parents' DNA. All bodies are made. Reproduction can't take place unless the DNA codes match. This stops an evolutionary animal body morphing paradigm.

Does it take faith to be an atheist? Do sperm have any use if there is no egg? Can symbiotic relationships such as sperm and egg be produced by natural, apathetic, intention-deficient processes? All that can be done is for them to pretend that nature can make hormones that will turn bits into either compatible male genitalia or compatible female genitalia. Any actual applied thought to this problem would make a person throw the Theory of Evolution away in a heart beat.

 The only way animals can reproduce is if they are the same animal sharing compatible DNA. The atheist is one who finds it more plausible for a dropped glass of milk on to a hard surface being the originator of a universe than a Divine Intelligence. Thanks, Charles Darwin, for laying a philosophical ground- work, creating this government-ogre-authoritarian-rule-based-we're just a number, human existence. Quoting Darwin, "It was without exception the most curious & interesting spectacle I ever beheld. I would not have believed how entire the difference between savage & civilized man is. It is much greater than between a wild & domesticated animal. I believe if the world was searched, no lower grade of man could be found." Fossil evidence of found humanoid skulls doesn't support a monkey-to-man theory. There are skulls dated older than three million years having features more common to our modern skull than skulls dated less than a million years old.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our Brain: The First XBox

Something can't be both a particle and a wave. If it's a particle it can travel a distance in space causing a measurement of time and if it's a wave, it cannot. Is matter traveling space causing a measurement of time or is it not? The only way it could be both is if it was in one state and because of some particular process, was in a different state. Thought imagery are recreations of brain representations we've seen or distortions of them via self intention or the intention of others or unintended effects caused by perceiving actualized information. Information meant to communicate isn't open to interpretation. If it's information it'll be telling me the same thing as it's telling you.

The brain has four functions; to keep all thirteen systems functioning; to receive input from the senses so as to build three dimensional representational expressions from it; to learn things that aren't innate to Being but are helpful for spacetime reality navigation or manipulation and, finally, to provide conditions for the body to be able to fulfill its role as a means to fulfill the desires of Being. There is empirical proof that there is a non-transgressable ratio between space, time, mass and velocity. To prove this, we observe an observer with much less mass than us  (such as a honey bee). The much smaller observer with mass will have to have a faster time than us. We know that when an observer has a slower time than us the observer increases in mass. Space contracts to the same degree that the observer increases in mass (becomes larger). We can see that the collapsed wave is what non-spacial information looks like. If we take that information and force a distorted stretch through perceptually-conditioned space we will observe the wave-like form. Data is in the form of energy waves. Our body suits are made to convert those energy waves into an interactive world.

Newton's First Law of Motion states that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. There is no external force being applied on the earth to go in circles. Observation isn't taking place. The brain is building from the information received by the senses and the mind becomes aware of it. We aren't looking through our eyes. How to get out of paying taxes: Try this argument out: If your mind is only chemical reactions from the brain, who is there to owe anything to anyone?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Something from Nothing

Space is nothing;
Time is nothing;
Velocity is nothing;
Light is nothing;
Energy is nothing;
Mind is nothing;
Subject is nothing;
Love is nothing;
Hate is nothing;
Creator is nothing;
The Perceiver is nothing;
The Undefined is nothing;
The Unlimited is nothing;
Infinity is nothing;
Infinite I is nothing.

Distance is something;
The past is something;
The future is something;
A speed limit is something;
Lamps are something;
Mass is something;
Thought is something;
Object is something;
Body is something;
Creation is something;
Creatures are something;
The perceived is something;
Definitions are something;
Information is something;
Limit is something;
The finite is something;
'we' is something.

Can condition the existence of objects;
Distance and velocity
Can condition the motion of objects;
Location and electrons
Can condition perception of objects
And non-perception of objects;
Energy and bodies
Can condition bodily animation;
Mind and thought
Can condition ideas and images;
Subject and subject
Can condition relationship;
Love and body
Can condition sexual intimacy;
Creator and creation
Can condition the Tao;
Perceiver and perceived
Can condition the change of mind states;
Perceiver and perceived
Can condition experience;
Infinity and the finite
Can condition spacetime reality.

The finite proceeds from the infinite;
Finite mind proceeds from infinite mind;
Duality proceeds from the transcendence;
The defined proceeds from the undefined;
Distance proceeds from infinite space;
Linear time proceeds from absolute time;
Mass proceeds from energy;
Finite speed proceeds from infinite velocity;
Personalities proceed from personal energy;
Individual will proceeds from original will.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Happy Birthday

Do you know that every day is your birthday, being present in the event that showcase's your entrance into this world?

Support for this is the dual nature of matter. We see particles coming and going but no one mentions its counterpart: the wave. Waves are information at one location where that location has been superpositioned into two with perceived distance between them so that it is stretched out. Matter has wave/particle duality but only the particle state can allow perception of leaving our awareness an freshly appearing. Matter has particle/ wave duality and the particle side of it is all we're allowed to perceive. When particles pop in to our universe and pop right out, one wonders what the waves are talking about. If your senses haven't received it, you haven't perceived it. Saying 'an object with rest mass' is the same thing as saying OBJECT. No rest mass means it's no longer an object.

Do you know why it's impossible to change an event by observing it? Because the event is already actualized before perception takes place. The senses receive the event's information before it gets to the brain. By the time you perceive that event the new one is already being received by the senses, ad infinitum.

Someone told me there is nothing causal at the subatomic level. Sure there is. That's what makes up the objects of spacetime events. If an object is changing location, all the particles making up that object change location. I know I can't dismiss a lie, "my dog ate my homework" but I can dismiss someone telling me space can move if movement is when something changes location and space has no location.

We're told that a photon travels through space at a finite speed having measured periods of time between the place it left and the place it arrives. That qualifies it as OBJECT. We're told that in order for an object to reach the speed of light, it must acquire infinite mass. That's a problem. Infinite mass can't travel finite speeds causing measurements of time between the location it leaves and the location it arrives at. It's always an instant communication between a wave's departure and arrival locations outside a RELATIVE reference frame. At the constant or the NON-RELATIVE, it is always instantaneous communication because of the lack of perceptually-dependent distance and perceptually-dependent linear time. The singularity is both massless and infinite mass: the exact same thing. Singularity: single location. Time stops at the speed of light and since linear time and spacial distance have direct correlation, where linear time stops, spacial distance disappears. There is only two states. Spacetime with three spacial dimensions - one linear time dimension -AND-the dimensionless/infinite-dimension state which is outside time and space.

There is no third.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


The Consensus Science Industry puts out stories to keep us perceiving our reality as something really outside of our bodies. They turn light into something that takes years to get from one place to another. They give us magic gravity forces that swing our moon on an invisible string that connects it to our earth. They have space that expands when space is nothing at all. They tell us of double-slit experiments to make us believe our observation can manipulate matter when nothing goes out of our eyes, information goes into them. They tell us they can accelerate particles and smash them when particles don't have any dimensional size. "According to modern understanding, the electron is a point particle with a point charge and no spatial extent."

Is evolution mathematically possible? The only changes that can happen from a mathematical stand-point are values for trait variation to traits present. Using variables, conditions can be defined for a variety of values.
Someone is confirming my suspicions for ocean tidal changes (nothing to do with magic moon gravity forces). Kevin Johnson: "It's electro-magnetic and the salt in the oceans make it highly conductive, which causes the high and low tides." Those who want us to accept the results of the Double-slit experiment are telling us that we are active in this spacetime movie when we're merely passive to the immersive movie our brains are presenting to us. We could no more influence the outside world than we can influence a scene in a movie we're watching with our friends. We get the information first before we get a chance to be conscious of it. What that experiment is saying is that we are conscious of the information first before it gets presented to us: not a logical possibility. Why is there a problem with promoting a theory such as a Big Bang taking place 13.8 billion years ago? There is no beginning event in an event causal chain (universe). A Big Bang event is falsely labeling an event in the chain as a first event. I'm questioning the idea that an earth with no bottom can have a center. A center is found by being half way from the top and half way from the bottom. How can a center that isn't there be the place that we're all gravitating to? So, it seems that we have a center with infinite location because mass objects in space fall uni-directionally. To find CENTER, we have to find the top of another mass object falling in the same direction.

When considering the mass objects we call human bodies, we'll noticed that they are falling all over the surface of a sphere making the falling direction omni-directional, not unidirectional. Omni-direction is the same as Infinite direction and Infinite is the same as zero. So we have a planet with mass objects falling in zero direction. Zero direction isn't going to get you to a particular location (center of the earth), right?

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spacetime Fabric

The Consensus Science Industry shows us models where mass objects are pressing into spacetime fabric. They also claim that an object will fall in one direction because of gravity. I see a problem. Do you? The direction of the object's fall was there before pressing into the fabric and causing gravity. Before gravity can be created, a sphere-shaped object would be pressing omnidirectionally. To do so would be the same as NOT PRESSING AT ALL. Special Relativity is a theory based on making an observation but making an incorrect conclusion. It purports to discover time dilation or the slowing down of time from an outside observer looking at an object exceeding its terminal velocity. Time isn't dilating, the causal event chain is seen at a slower frame rate. The natural velocity is where a mass object in space has a value of 0 for force, evidenced by our experience of weightlessness when we're at terminal velocity. When it's accelerated to 0, we get 100% of that mass object's force potential.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Can Space Expand?

The Consensus Science Industry gets mad at me and says: "we know the universe is expanding!" Logic won't allow the present theory to match reality. Space can't expand. Only particles can get farther apart to make material expand. How does learning science theories that fail to describe the true nature of reality benefit anyone? General Relativity says that spacetime is one property, having time directly proportional to space. We have Special Relativity showing velocities exceeding natural free fall of objects causing time's linear frame-rate slowing down at a constant rate of change meaning that once it reaches the speed of light, time stops completely. What happens to space when that happens? It becomes a single point. They are telling kids to go to school so that they can be taught that light which has no time to go anywhere and no place to go to, does it all at 300,000 kilometers per second.

Does the brain really function as a process to represent information to processes? Can this be the work of environmental pressures such as land mass shifting and rising sea levels? If I say red shoe and you see a red shoe in your mind, that wasn't from the brain. Brains represent information received by the senses. They didn't receive a red shoe because a red shoe isn't black English letters on a white background. Consensus Science Industry: "The moon is moving away from the earth at about 3.8 centimeters per year". How convincing is the idea that a very small change to the moon's orbital distance is constant in a universe full of planetary bodies and stars moving at light-speed-like velocities all pulling away from one another in an expanding universe with their gravitational centers?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Holographic Reality

When mass has energy removed, the effect is dissolution which takes many non-motion moment events in the causal chain to complete. There is no fabric of space. Fabric causes resistance and would gather around our legs as we walk through it. We'd have to wash it off after a day of walking through it. It would slow down orbiting bodies in space. If there isn't any spacetime fabric, there isn't any spacetime fabric being bent. Distance between locations and linear time are perceptually-dependent. Bending spacetime is tantamount to knocking a holographic hat off of a hologram. The curvature of spacetime isn't due to gravity but rather to a ratio that is non-transgressable, holding the properties of space, time, mass and velocity in specific proportions. If these proportions get skewed, spacetime reality won't be a believable one. We'd be perceiving the frame-rate of non-motion moment events at the wrong speed. It wouldn't allow for a believable interactive reality experience. Similarly, we can't suspend belief watching a movie if it's playing at the wrong speed.

 Space is not a substance that can be acted upon. Linear time is an effect that results from perceiving a three dimensional object leave one location for another one. The imperceivable aspect of reality is absolute and unchanging. The perceivable aspect of reality is conditioned and in constant flux. The data collected by scientific method can be separated from the extrapolations made from it by the Consensus Science Industry. We take that data and spend time contemplating on phenomenon one at a time. We don't move on to the next one until we realize what that phenomenon's true nature is.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


'Force' is a measurement (a finite value) when an object's mass-weight is being accelerated from its natural free fall velocity to zero units of speed. We have both cause-and-effect and an experiencer experiencing the experience: force. The experience is outside of linear time and requires no distance (space-time) and is, therefore, outside of our universe. It's said that during the earth's tidal change the moon's gravity is responsible for 'lifting' the oceans. If this were the case, we would see this same effect observing the fresh water great lakes. There is a world-wide belief that tidal changes are due to the moon's gravitational pull but there is a failure to take into account that not one other phenomena on our planet gets attention from this supposed gravity effect. Consensus science decided to totally disregard Newton's equation for force (f=ma). Mass objects can be found with velocity and a force measurement when mass objects are accelerated by other mass objects but we haven't located a source for a gravity force.

A lot of the observations made when looking into outer space aren't taking any account for perceptual distortion that happens when reference frames have been changed. Newton told us what produces force (f=ma). We know that all mass objects have weight.  Anything with weight will free fall in space. We don't need gravitational pull by the earth to hold us to its surface. All the earth has to do is resist our falling mass and a force will register. Acceleration happens when the natural velocity of an object is either resisted or pushed (a force that causes a change in velocity). When a person jumps off a balcony of a high rise building, they're removing the resistance to their natural velocity (all mass bodies have a natural velocity). They then de-accelerate until reacceleration takes place (when contact is made with the ground below). If gravity is a force then it has to be the result of a mass being accelerated by another mass. The earth is accelerating our bodies by resisting its natural velocity inherent in all mass objects. If we remove the resistance, the mass object will de-accelerate and again find its natural velocity (free fall speed). The reasons for the effect is explained in various theories. This view adheres to Newton's equation for force while no other gravity theories do.  As a unit of linear time (the minute, for example) has no inherent existence (we could have chosen to make minutes 100 seconds instead of 60 if we all agreed on the change), neither does a unit of force. These terms help us communicate ideas but they don't actually exist. Energy can never be said to actually be so many units.

Monday, 17 October 2016


Thought imagery can be cause in a variety of ways. It can be done by recreations of events we've previously experienced. It can be distortions of these experiences by way of self intention or the intention of others or unintended effects caused by perceiving actualized information. A dream is a potential reality with values for its various qualities in flux to the whims of the mind. Actualized spacetime reality has values or ratios for spacetime phenomena permanently defined. They are not accessible for alteration by the mind. The math is the environment when not perceived. The math doesn't have perception ability.

Two phenomena are deduced, namely, a Perceiver and the perceived. There is only Energy and mass. One must be the Perceiver while the other must be the perceived. The environment is virtual spacetime. Absolute existence is bereft of it. The more attuned to now in any given event and the degree of interest is sparked in that event determines how long and how detailed we can rebuild representation of that event. Rebuilding happens in the present. Stored memories aren't being retrieved.

Do we have a motive for the creation of a virtual spacetime reality? The Perceiver or Infinite Mind can fathom all potentiality which would include what could be experienced if space and time were a reality. Infinite Mind, with mathematical definitions and set finite values has there wherewithal to create a spacetime reality for experiencing what cannot be experienced in an Undefined Infinite Timeless Spaceless state. One would predict that it would do the very same.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Irrelevancy of the Young/Old Argument

Is it strange for a Geologist to have a Young Earth perspective? It isn't any less strange than an Old Earth one. Everything comes and everything happens in an infinite loop. The young-old dynamic is incoherent. This world in an eternal loop called the 'wheel of suffering and death". It's mathematically impossible for this creation to perish. Knowing that our eyes are receivers, not transmitters means we know we don't see anything outside of our eyes. This means all those galaxies we see are inside our head. How can something in our head be 13.8 billion years away? This is how applying thought is done. A finite reality is couched in the infinity. We know this mathematically. Zero comes before one and infinity comes after the last finite number. Zero is as infinite. It cannot be multiplied nor divided. A finite reality such as ours works is couched in infinity. We can know this mathematically. It cannot be multiplied nor divided. All of the physical universe is defined with finite values between zero and infinity. That which isn't described with finite values is constant (unchanging).

Information has to be fixed to survive. The limits on space, time, mass and velocity create an illusory experience. The limits and what they limit are real. Superpositioning a location from the one true location allows for perceptual distance between the two which will cause the illusion of limited space out of unlimited space. If anyone tries to tell you that you are insignificant in this universe you can straighten their heads out. Everything is made so that you believe the universe is outside your body and you're looking at it. But you don't feel the sun's heat on your skin. Signals are sent to the brain and the brain manufactures the sensation of heat on your skin so that you'll believe it is the sun doing it.Bodies are virtual reality simulators which means this whole shebang was made specifically for us to experience. Every galaxy is an independent spacetime universe with beings in bodies. If your senses haven't received it, you haven't perceived it. Experience is contact with information, not the information itself. Physical sensation is body contact with particle activity and this activity can vary from unnoticeable to very intense. When the intensity is greater than what we perceive as PLEASANT, it begins its descent into UNPLEASANT. The more intense, the deeper the descent, the more painful it will be perceived.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


The appropriateness of anger is in direct proportion to the clarity we have assessing what confronts us.Can there be happiness without sadness? Pleasure without pain? It would be the same experience but without the appreciation which comes with knowing what it's like without it. We can measure our awareness by our level of empathy. Being is one. When we see our self in others, love for other is conditioned.

Discovering the truth makes us blessed rather than a genius. It's a lot easier to forgive our self than it is somebody else.If we see every person we meet as a different reference frame we, ourselves, are inhabiting, any manifesting exhibited by others is understood as our own manifesting from another body at another location. Knowing that other is our self as a different name-and-form makes forgiveness a natural and effortless choice. Detachment comes from realizing we aren't the owner but the Experiencer. Every time we catch our self saying, 'I feel', 'I think', 'I want' we can change awareness from the egoic owner to the Egoless experiencer.Flesh, blood, bones and guts should be seen as a sort of sock puppet that can be removed from the hand. The essence of repentance is found in the words of Jesus Christ: "I, of my own self, can do nothing."

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Milky Way Universe

Your universe is the galaxy. All galaxies are independent of one another and have their own source of origin (black hole). They are in an information state radiating out in waves meant to be exploited. We are those exploiters. Every independent spacetime system is a universe with a black hole as its source (galaxies). We have empirical evidence of each new moment-event being put together and each finished one dissolving (particles popping in and out of existence). Each universe is created to be perceived and enjoyed.
To consider oneself insignificant before the universe means we shouldn't go to prison and suffer life sentences if all we've snuffed out is completely without value. Galaxies are seen to change distance between one another, whereas our galaxy's constellations prove that the stars in it have fixed, immoveable positions. The most amazing thing about astrology is that the science is based on constellations. What are constellations? They are signs in the heavens made up of stars that hold fixed positions. Knowing that these signs have been unchanged for thousands of years means it holds the key to the truth about whether our universe is expanding, the result of a Big Bang, and if our universe is only our galaxy and not the sum of all galaxies. Rings around planets falsify the idea of mass objects having gravity centers. They don't group. They stay spread out in even rings.
Space can't curve. We notice space curving and say that space can be affected by a gravitational force which is utterly absurd. The reason space curves is because if a straight line is given an infinite value it will curve upon itself. A straight line is a circle with an infinite radius. Only our perceptions can read distortion. Why is the scientific community not questioning whether they're jotting down data that is in error due to perceptual distortion we know takes place with time dilation? Looking at the quantum world is looking at reality without perceptual spacetime goggles.
The whole entanglement debacle is the result of not taking into account the distortion caused by our Newtonian reference frame. This mistake then be- comes a platform premise to build a conceptual model of reality on. We observe two particles influencing one another instantaneously regardless of perceptual distance. There is no actual space or time to obstruct this communication. All locations in absolute reality are one location: the singularity.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Nothing is the Cause of all somethings. When Infinite Energy becomes finite, it becomes mass. When the Undifferentiated becomes differentiated, it becomes information. When the Flux becomes limited, it becomes stasis. When the Subject becomes mortal, it becomes object (a body::identification with name n' form). Identification comes from the form we perceive we're perceiving out of, the environment this form is in, and the feedback we get from others when they are speaking about the form we perceive ourselves perceiving out of. "What separates man from beast?" We are creators. Animals are born with a pre-set instincts and don't move from there. We are different from other species, but foxes are different from tuna. Having one umbrella labeled ANIMAL doesn't do justice to the incredible variety of life forms.

Our intelligence is not from the brain. Our intelligence is the designer of the brain. The Infinite "I" has no personality and no body but has everything we have that isn't name-and-form. The "I" isn't in an event because once the I is in many locations it becomes "we" which is the reality of many events in Now looking like 'already" and 'not yet' from any one of these particular events. The "I" exists out- side the body, but it's nameless and formless intelligent will. Meaning is subjective creation and evidence that we are creators not bodies (creation).The difference between you (person who claims to be their body) and me, is I'm Subject, and Subject owns object (body). You are object (body) with no owner. Since you, as object, have no owner, I can claim that object and own that object and now I will choose to own you, Mr. object. Our loved ones are bodies. Once the body dies, our loved one dies. People are bodies, not out-of-bodies.

We can't be crazy but our ego can deviate from our Original Nature which can, if the deviation is great enough, be perceived as CRAZY. If we do something that most people consider an unpleasant experience, we're seen as crazy. Why? Because Original Nature seeks the pleasant and avoids the unpleasant. A state of well-being is common place for those who volunteer their time to be of service to others. Why? That's being in the right direction: outflow. People are trained from early childhood to be intake manifolds sucking like hoovers for their contentments and satiations. It's the inverse of being: living as inflow tubes on two feet. Why would someone hurt themselves? The "I" has ideas for its name-and-form (ego) but because natural will, willing through this body, stepped out-of-bounds, the "I" wants to punish it.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Logical Poem

Logic is the means
For describing reality.
Logic authenticates views.
Logic describes existence.
Logic is discovered not stated.
Logic doesn't need a brain
To validate its truth.
Logical deduction
Forces us to conclude
Subject can only be One;
The One in your body
Is the One in mine.
Logic can't be separated from God;
God can't be separated from reality.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


There is no before and after
In the Now and Here;
The Land of "I".
There is no other than now;
If it isn't now,
It isn't real.
There is no difference
Between righteousness
And goodness;
To impute righteousness
Is to impute Godhood.
There is no different levels
Of existingness of characters
In your mind.
There is no direct correlation
With linear time
And spacial distance
Without an object
Traveling that distance.
There is no linear time
Connected to spacial distance.
There are no observable galaxies
In the past;
There is no linear time involvement
In a dimensional material event
With distance in it.
There is no location
For light to travel to;
Non-travel is non-motion.
There is no value for infinity
there is no number
That can replace the 'c'
In the equation, e=mc2.
There is no information
In infinity;
The nature of information
Is limiting the limitless,
Defining the undefined;
Taking values
From the valueless.
There is no folded space;
Only atomic-made material
Can be folded.
There is no light in space.
There is no logical explanation
Given by modern consensus science theories
For the identical mass
And charge values
Of particles popping
In and out of the events
Our reference frames are in.
There is no music
Outside the body;
That's exclusively a material reality;
It happens in bodies.
There is no spirit world;
'World' is a perceptual reality
Requiring bodies to see it.
There is no such thing
As a whole person;
What we think is our person
Is bits and pieces
Strung together in our mind.
There is no way
To get perceptual reality
Without senses bringing the information
To the brain.
If it isn't from the senses,
It's self-created on the fly.
There is nothing to be saved from
Except lies from religious,
And law authorities.
There is no destination;
You don't arrive at enlightenment;
You find out that enlightenment
Is discovering the Journey
To be everything.

Monday, 3 October 2016

The Will

Will and determinism
Can co-exist;
Will is absolute;
It won't vary
Regardless of infinite looping times
In an eternal regression.
Will doesn't need will power;
Will power is really power
To fight the natural will;
Anti-will power.
Will is in the Absolute;
The Infinite or Constant state;
It's is what you have
When the brain
Doesn't provide objects to perceive.
Will is static;
Both dna code and environment
Of our individual bodies
Are shaped by will
Is the same organization
No matter how many times
We repeat that life.
We haven't the means
To do anything differently.
Will is timeless;
Will is spaceless;
For something to have temporary existence,
It has to have location co-ordinates in space.
Will isn't something
That can be owned.
Will purposed a perceptual reality:
The information as matter waves
Are meant to be converted
Into dimensional representation;
It needs a designed information decoder
To accomplish that.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Constant

When an object reaches the constant, space contracts to a single location. That location is superpositioned by math. There aren't actually plural locations. We know some things about the particle popping into our spacetime existence. The same specific values for mass, spin and charge are repeated endlessly with no natural explanation. Those values are the ones needed for matter creation. An understanding of reality needs to be in place before we can understand why particles pop in and out of existence. Every dimensional event is a non-motion e- vent. What we consider to be the natural free fall velocity of mass objects is the frame-rate speed which the Subject is passing through event frames.

Anthropomorphic gods can only create universes that exist outside our bodies. They have to made of actual material rather than virtual stuff. The universe is a subjective one. It's one that takes place in our mind when the brain converts it from its information state received by the sensory organs. Those particles popping in and out of existence are what we perceive as we enter one non-motion event and  leave one behind. The brain allows awareness to happen because it represents object-information dimensionally which is a perceivable format. We're told that when light strikes either the rods or the cones of the retina, it's converted into an electric signal and is then relayed to the brain by way of the optic nerve. The brain translates these electrical signals into the images a person sees. With that in mind, what can we deduce is the location of these objects we're seeing? When an object reaches the constant, space contracts to a single location. That location is superpositioned by math. There aren't actually plural locations.There is no way to get perceptual reality without sense organs bringing the information to the brain. If it isn't from the senses, it's self-created on the fly.