Monday, 24 October 2016

Happy Birthday

Do you know that every day is your birthday, being present in the event that showcase's your entrance into this world?

Support for this is the dual nature of matter. We see particles coming and going but no one mentions its counterpart: the wave. Waves are information at one location where that location has been superpositioned into two with perceived distance between them so that it is stretched out. Matter has wave/particle duality but only the particle state can allow perception of leaving our awareness an freshly appearing. Matter has particle/ wave duality and the particle side of it is all we're allowed to perceive. When particles pop in to our universe and pop right out, one wonders what the waves are talking about. If your senses haven't received it, you haven't perceived it. Saying 'an object with rest mass' is the same thing as saying OBJECT. No rest mass means it's no longer an object.

Do you know why it's impossible to change an event by observing it? Because the event is already actualized before perception takes place. The senses receive the event's information before it gets to the brain. By the time you perceive that event the new one is already being received by the senses, ad infinitum.

Someone told me there is nothing causal at the subatomic level. Sure there is. That's what makes up the objects of spacetime events. If an object is changing location, all the particles making up that object change location. I know I can't dismiss a lie, "my dog ate my homework" but I can dismiss someone telling me space can move if movement is when something changes location and space has no location.

We're told that a photon travels through space at a finite speed having measured periods of time between the place it left and the place it arrives. That qualifies it as OBJECT. We're told that in order for an object to reach the speed of light, it must acquire infinite mass. That's a problem. Infinite mass can't travel finite speeds causing measurements of time between the location it leaves and the location it arrives at. It's always an instant communication between a wave's departure and arrival locations outside a RELATIVE reference frame. At the constant or the NON-RELATIVE, it is always instantaneous communication because of the lack of perceptually-dependent distance and perceptually-dependent linear time. The singularity is both massless and infinite mass: the exact same thing. Singularity: single location. Time stops at the speed of light and since linear time and spacial distance have direct correlation, where linear time stops, spacial distance disappears. There is only two states. Spacetime with three spacial dimensions - one linear time dimension -AND-the dimensionless/infinite-dimension state which is outside time and space.

There is no third.


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