Sunday, 30 April 2017

The World is Building Arches to Bel

Replicas of the arch from Syria's Temple of Baal were planned for London and New York City's World Heritage Week in April 2016; New York's project was shelved indefinitely as of early April 2016.

Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance was to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the 2,000-year-old structure that the 'secular' Islamic State destroyed last year in the Syrian town of Palmyra. The group’s rampage through Palmyra, a city that reached its peak in the second and third century A.D., enraged the world, spurring scholars and conservationists into action.  London went ahead and it now stands in Trafalgar Square. Recently, London Temple of Baal Arch was painted a blood red color.

The VR UFO Invasion

The top-secret program is rumored to be NASA’s attempt to implement a New World Order via simulated holographic projections of major events such as the second-coming of Jesus or an alien  invasion. A man who published a book about it (Serge Monast) died under suspicious circumstances of a heart attack in 1996.
According to Monast, all people will be required to take an oath to Lucifer with a ritual initiation to enter the New World Order. Resisters will be categorized in one of seven categories:
1. Christian children would be kept for human sacrifice or sexual slaves.
2. Some prisoners to be used in medical experiments.
3. Some prisoners to be used as living organ banks.
4. Healthy workers would be placed in slave labor camps.
5. Uncertain prisoners would be placed in a international re-education center, thence to repent on television and learn to glorify the New World Order.
6. Some would be sent to the international execution center.
7. The seventh classification is as yet, unknown.

Friday, 28 April 2017

The Strawman Dictator

Religion is designed to focus the people's attention and energy on a single, unchanging, uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in some cases arbitrary rules on them, which if broken would be met with unimaginable punishment. This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance. They are afraid to question the intentions of this invisible being and they are afraid of even expressing their own individuality in many cases.
Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do good deeds. They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant. Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious elites for the elites own personal gains. It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it.
The believers are then so grateful that they have been saved by the son of God nearly 2,000 years before they were born that in some cases they abandon all reason, logic and good judgment to obey and worship this god and his son. Anyone who believes this story is indeed lost because to believe that a god would send his only son to help us, only to see his son get tortured and murdered, and then instead of unleashing all his wrath, simply absolve us from all crimes past and present, is pure madness to say the least.

The so called god that we are expected to worship is undoubtedly just a dictator strawman concocted by the religious elites for the purpose of controlling the masses. Polarised religions (Christianity vs. Islam) have been devised by influential elite leaders to play the people off against each other. That way the elite can defeat and enslave the population practically without lifting a finger. The churches don't permit their followers to have any real truth and knowledge because that would empower the people too much so they spoon feed them kiddie stories, half truths, distortions and even lies and the followers value it highly even though they must spend the rest of their lives just making sense of it.

The Three Secrets of Fatima

Dimitar Nedkov, a notable expert in the history of the Freemasons suggests in his book, ‘33 – The Menace Dan Brown’, that the mission of John Paul II to Bulgaria was coded in the third prophecy of Fatima.
The mysterious story began on May 13, 1917. Then three young shepherds witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary in the vicinity of a small Portuguese town of Fatima. The vision reappeared on every 13th day of the month till October. The children learnt about the First and Second World War and about Communism becoming an official state power.
In her third prophecy Our Lady of Fatima said things that were later related by little shepherdess Lucia and written down. Lucia’s writing was put into an envelope and handed to the Bishop of Leiria. Lucia became a nun; her request was the envelope to be opened after 1960. The bishop sent it to the Pope. After the envelope was opened, the Vatican surprisingly refused to reveal the secret to the general public. The same was the response of Pope John-Paul II. “This is a spiritual message which doesn’t concern any concrete events. It is unnecessary to make a sensation of it”.
“Bulgarians have worked in the Vatican’s most secret archive chambers,” Nedkov reveals in his work. The author alleges that representatives of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church have had access to documents about Pythagoras, Galileo Galilei and the Mysteries of Fatima.
The saving of the Catholic religion from its eclipse by Jewish Freemasonry generated so much discussion in occultist circles that it generated one of the internet's longest running thread topics before being shut down in 2014.The solution for stopping the Apocalypse is simple. Stop saying prayers to the Lord of the Bible. Why? The reason is because the Lord of the Bible whom the Muslims revere as "Allah" is actually Satan, the God of Hell. At the end of the world, humanity is deceived into accepting this talking fire as their God and pays the ultimate price, the loss of their souls to that same fire that they made into a god. This website explains how the Illuminati almost pulled off this Godless New World Order in 2012 with the required authentic documents, books and videos, in order to teach other Catholics and potential converts to real Catholicism, so that Freemasonry's Third World War and all the Hell that comes with it can be delayed permanently.
It doesn't really matter which version of the Bible you use to learn that the Lord is Satan. All Bible versions are Satanic in nature, originally penned by the Jews who murdered God on a cross.
666 (The number of His [the Beast] name = In the name of ALLAH

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Great Architect

Humanity is said to owe its existence and survival to Ningishzidda, the great architect, geneticist and musician. Genetically Nibiran, Ningishzidda birthed on Earth, son of Enki and Ereshkigal. Enki seduced Ereshkigal as he took her to run the Climate Station in South Africa. He left her there, pregnant with Ningshzidda

After the Deluge 13,000 years ago, Ningishzidda (as Thoth) built the Sinai Spaceport and the Giza Pyramids (with sonar technology and the help of monoatomic gold) to guide rockets to the Spaceport. The pyramid’s outer mantle featured 144,000 polished and flat casing stones. The Great Pyramid divides the oceans and the continents into two equal parts.” It “is a giant sundial. The shadows thrown from mid October to early March indicate the seasons and the length of the year. The length of the stone slabs that surround the Great Pyramid correspond perfectly to the length of the shadow on one day. He built a model pyramid, then the Great Pyramid at the South end of a straight landing line–through the Landing Platform in Lebanon to Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey. Ningishzidda installed the power generator, master computer programs and astro-navigational equipment in the Great Pyramid and hid records on indestructable tablets in secret chambers (Halls of Amenti) under the Pyramid.

Ningishzidda moved on to South America to assist Enlil’s youngest son, Adad, who was building observatories, metal-processing plants and a final spaceport atop the Andes. He showed the Earthlings how to line up with the stars and the signs when Nibiru approached. He erected The Great Pyramid over the entrance of the Great Halls of Amenti, where he stored his records. He appointed Guards, whose descendants became Pyramid Priests who worshiped him as God of Wisdom and divine record-keeper.
During later ages, he passed into the bodies of certain men. He left in the Pyramid for those of a future Age of Light. The body’s atomic and cellular structure is fixed, and no change can take place, thus violating the material law of ionization. Upon them are engraved characters in the Ancient Atlantean language.
Two main lineages were conditioned:

a) The Yahweh lineage (Enlil)
b) The Adonoi lineage (Enki)

Nibiru Revisited

Nibiru is due to pass through our solar system in the year 2020, and when it does, the asteroid belt will once again be disrupted. This will cause unimaginable damage throughout the system, including here on earth, as our recurring cycle of mass extinctions tells us.
Nibiru was never able to reach a resonant frequency with the rest of the planets. So it was flung out of the system and into its wildly elliptical orbit. This process destroyed its moons - leaving only the rubble that we call the asteroid belt. This violent event also tossed Neptune and Uranus into their current positions. Luckily though, once Nibiru was gone, the remaining planets were able to find stable and harmonious orbits around the sun.
NASA has discovered a dimly radiating star called Nemesis on the outskirts of our system. It’s about twice the mass of Jupiter, and could have a planet - or several planets - orbiting it. They calculate that Nemesis wreaks havoc in our neighborhood about once every 3,500 years. The heat and light from the dwarf star would be enough keep Nibiru habitable, and somewhat earth-like. This planet could have a stable orbit around the star Nemesis, which in turn orbits our sun in a somewhat lopsided binary system. When the two stars are at their closest, it causes complete mayhem in both systems. Our asteroid belt is just one piece of evidence supporting this.

…or is it a huge Space Ferry coming to pick up passengers?

Electricity Unlimited

A German student, Dennis Siegel, creates electromagnetic harvester that gathers free electricity from thin air by building an electromagnetic harvester that recharges an AA battery by soaking up ambient, environmental radiation. These harvesters can gather free electricity from just about anything, including overhead power lines, coffee machines, refrigerators, or even the emissions from your WiFi router or smartphone.
The underlying science is sound. We are just talking about wireless power transfer. Every electrical device gives off electromagnetic radiation. If that radiation passes across a coil of wire, an electrical current is produced. The efficiency of wireless charging depends on the range and orientation of the transmitter and how well the coil is tuned to the transmitter’s frequency.

Crop Codes

Dr. Levengood, who studied biophysics at the University of Michigan, studied the affected crops at crop circle sites. His findings showed that the vast majority of sites had significant enlargements of the cell walls, changes to the soil composition, changes in seed germination, and evidence of a brief flash of intense heat.
"Atmospheric-associated plasma formations may plausibly originate in regions where there are clear indications of energy exchange between the ionosphere (60-100 km) and electrical storms in the upper atmosphere (Franz et al. 1990). Currently under consideration are ion plasma vortices which form in unstable regions and act as heat and angular momentum transporters. In fluid dynamics, gases, including air, are considered as having liquid properties (Prandtl and Tietjens 1957). In such a scheme the descent of a vortex through a liquid produces unstable secondary products which form complex, symmetrical patterns such as circles, rings, triangles, double lines and ovals with tubes or 'paths' extending from them (Levenoood 1958). In its descent to the crop surface the shaping of these features of vortex instability would be guided by variations in the Earth's magnetic field (Rossi and Jastrow 1961). At the crop surface the heat, ionization, associated electric fields and angular momentum would be transferred to the living plants. Taken as a whole, ionized air plasmas are electrically neutral, although internally, charge separation takes place and they can have high concentrations of positive ions and free electrons (Lehnert 1961), which in contact with plant tissue might produce transient heating and account for a number of the plant transformations."
Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures or at very high temperatures. Ionized gas is a gas with electric charge conditioned by contact with heat or an electric field.
“There have actually been about 50 documented eyewitnesses to crop circles forming, so people have seen them during the daytime — they don’t all appear at night. Every one of the cases had happened during the passage of a storm front or a severe weather front. ” - Jeffrey Wilson, director of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association

Dr. Horace Drew [PhD in chemistry from Caltech] :
"They feature a more advanced binary code than our computers currently use. The circles appeared to be created by an unknown energy that heats the crops up. It’s like microwave energy but is something beyond earth’s science. It can pattern the wheat":
 "Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there."
 "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises."
 "We oppose deception. Conduit closing."

Patty Greer’s [Filmmaker] conclusion is that Crop Circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth! These spinning plasma vortices are layered with different frequencies with distinct boundary conditions, including earth frequencies, water frequencies, sometimes human consciousness frequencies (when people pray or meditate for a Crop Circle message), and sometimes ET frequencies, but not necessarily all of them in every formation.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Serpent Men

There is a relatively rich awareness of the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones due to its success in weaving itself into the easily corruptible nature of Mankind and its ability to reach into our Universe and operate within our reality – in human guise – without the need for rendering ceremonies that act as implements puncturing the Quantisphere. When the stars are right it can be called through… from beyond…
The serpent people worship a god known as the Great Serpent. These creatures have the bodies of giant serpents and the heads of human beings. Their empire was based on sorcery and alchemy, but collapsed with the rise of the dinosaurs about 225 million years ago during the Triassic era. The Serpent Men originally ruled over humans in Valusia but were defeated and almost wiped out in humanity's battle for survival against the "elder things" that predated them.

They could shift their form to appear human. They would presumably be unable to maintain this transformation in the presence of the words "Ka nama kaa lajerama," which exposed their serpent natures. The Serpent Men, one of the few surviving "elder things", infiltrated human society and ruled from behind the scenes for a time but were again discovered, defeated and cast out in a secret war.

Born Again Trump

June 24, 2016: James Dobson on Trump: “I Know the Person Who Led Him to Christ”
Apparently Donald Trump has had a conversion experience and is now a born-again Christian.
Following Trump’s meeting with evangelical leaders, York, Pennsylvania megachurch pastor Michael Anthony interviewed Christian psychologist, culture-warrior and radio-show host James Dobson about Trump.
Listen to the short interview here.
A transcript of the pertinent part of an interview titled “Did Trump accept Christ?”:
Dobson: There are a lot of people ministering to him (Trump) personally…He did accept a relationship with Christ. I know the person who led him to Christ. And that’s fairly recent.
Anthony: No kidding. How recent?
Dobson: I don’t know when it was, but it has not been long.
Anthony: Wow.
Dobson: I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian.
This is the first I have heard about a Trump conversion. Michael Anthony, who, of course, was also at the meeting on Tuesday, runs an organization called Godfactor. He is the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in York, Pennsylvania. From what I understand, Grace Fellowship is a pretty mainstream evangelical church.
Long-time Christian Right politico Ralph Reed defended, and even praised Trump on National Public Radio. He supports Trump because the GOP nominee is pro-life, a good businessman, and seems to have been a good father. Michael Anthony claimed that he felt God was speaking through Donald Trump during a meeting.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Law 4 (48 Laws of Power): Always say less than necessary

This is the Satanic Illuminati’s biggest error. They can’t help hiding all their secrets in plain sight. It’s like an avalanche of intel!!
I just finished watching Sony Pictures’ ‘The Night Before La Veille’ and I’ve begun making my notes on their revelations they not-so-subtly hide through-out. Here’s a break-down (up to the scene where the three friends are on their way to the Quarterback Messiah in the Red Bull limo):
  • ‘Right before Christmas, 2001’ —reference to 9/11,
  • 2001 Christmas was about family but now it’s about friends
  • Greatest party is the one given by the ‘Whitest’, the Prince of Wales
  • We’re shown a building covered in the Sigil of Saturn
  • Young pre-adolescent Christian girls are correlated with the axe victims in ‘The Shining’
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ changed to ‘Blessed Kwanzaa’
  • It’s your last Christmas..after that, no candy for you (Satan is the Candy Man), pack it in (leave this world to the Satanists)
  • To take one under their wing, they initiate the initiate with an anal sex ritual.
  • Wife ‘likes’ not ‘loves’ her husband (Satanists hate that Divine Nature :: Love)
  • Applauded for being a sturdy rock during the painful events preceding the birth of the Prince of Peace (Victory)
  • Christmas tradition for the friends included a visit to the Rockefeller Plaza
  • “It’s all about who you know” (Satan, Big Brother)
  • Seal of Solomon sweater is Isaac’s (Seth Rogan) mark of the Beast (the 666 -> the Star that fell, Electric Life, Angel Satan)
  • They know that they belong to the Big Asshole’s Club when they make toasts to: douchebags, assholes, scumbags and jerk-offs
  • “It’s not Christmas until we have ‘Egg Drop’ soup (Ball drop)
  • Weed is the Drug of Choice by the White Jesus Messiah
  • The public is seen as ‘gross’ (wrinkling their nose at using a public pay phone)
  • Talent can be given ‘all of a sudden’ by Satan
  • 3 Stages of the Wrecking Ball: Cry/Run/Party
  • Satanic Prayer: “Get in my brain…make me different.”
  • Chris Money likes to have men ejaculate all over him (homosexual acts valued). Chris: “Fuck my friends”; “I’m very naughty”
  • Isaac: “The truth will set you free”. Isaac’s child (Child of Abraham) will murder people and was the Biblical Moses (baby in a basket put into the river)
  • Isaac passes his DNA (blood) to a female. It tastes like copper (copper is the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion).
  • Portraying the fans of the famous as gross.
  • Straight Edge is part of the program: “check yourself before you wreck yourself”

Monday, 24 April 2017

Brotherhood of the Bell

A 1970 made-for-TV movie is the only drama to properly address and describe the problem of Masonic subversion. We are prisoners of mind control and don't even know it.

The fact that a satanic cult, Freemasonry, controls society is confirmed by the fact this entity is rarely mentioned in the mass media. And if it is, never portrayed in its true light.
“Brotherhood of the Bell" is a rare exception. It shows what happens when a successful university professor disobeys his vow of secrecy. Andrew Patterson, played by Glenn Ford, is ordered to blackmail a close friend and colleague. When the colleague commits suicide, Patterson is consumed by guilt and vows to expose the Brotherhood. Patterson has the air of a self-made man. But when he goes public about the suicide, he discovers that his success is largely due to his 20-year membership in the "fraternity."

In a wonderful scene, he realizes that not only did he own his success to this cult, he owed his wife to it as well. Her father is a member of the Brotherhood. "You were part of my reward," he tells her. "Get the hell out." He was a member of this group for 20 years but apparently doesn't realize the extent of its power. He doesn't realize that the President of the US and everyone else of importance is involved in this conspiracy. Patterson is able to recruit one other member of the Brotherhood to his cause, and the movie ends on this positive note.

If humanity goes the way of the dinosaurs, or just descends into a comatose slave state, it will be because men didn't stand up, like Andrew Patterson does. This is because they never grew up. Instead they chose the easy way: personal gain by betraying their community and their culture to an alien satanic conspiracy.

Now all that is left, is for us all to reap the whirlwind.

The Will to Live

What is an energized spirit? This relates to your WILL to live. How badly do you want to get up in the morning? Do you jump out of bet fueled on passion or do you slowly and hesitantly rise from your coffin?
The WILL of an individual has plenty to do with the story they choose to believe to be true, connecting to their reality. As consciousness grows to higher levels, the WILL of an individual enlarges.
Where doe this energy increase come from? It comes from an idea inside of you, charging you up and making it a real effort to stop yourself from moving. Those with the most energy are those who believe that what they are doing will actualize the ideas formed in the mind. Those suffering from low energy levels are trapped in states of ignorant obliviousness.
When a couple is married for a whole lifetime, it is often the case that when one departs, the other WILLs not to continue on alone and leaves this world, as well.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Purple Saturn

Shanivaar is the day of Shani or Saturn, Lord of Karma. The color Saturn is purple. Wearing and meditating on this color increases the highest manifestation of Saturn whose qualities are lies, spiritual darkness, duty, responsibility, practicality, effective time management and work habits...basically all-around drudgery.

Taurus is ruled by Venus who is Saturn’s friend. Saturn is in ninth harmonic. Hindu astrologers say that the 9th harmonic is to the birth chart as the fruit is to the tree from which it grows. It signifies the marriage partner, and can be thought of as the chart of our ideal mate. As the son of the Sun, Saturn’s nature is often expressed in the symbolic world of shadows. It accentuates the nature of the ‘shadow’ and makes the veil covering the soul’s real nature more prominent through its restricting influence. Astrologer Steven Arroyo wrote in Astrology, 'Karma and Transformation' that Saturn’s heat and pressure are needed in order that we develop what Buddhists call the ‘diamond soul’ or ‘diamond body,’ which is their way of saying our fundamental innermost nature.”

Children of the Corn

The world into which we were born is a fallen one. In the flesh, we are the property of time and space; of the Ox; of Saturn; of the Grim Reaper; and as such, none of us can escape the inevitability that we, too, must pass away.
Our life, in this reality, is, as the scriptures tell us, as a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Until we turn our eyes towards the Saviors, we are all marked by the Beast, the Harvester of Death. As humans beings, we come into this fallen flesh as Children of the Corn.
Studies have shown that the carbon molecule in human beings is the same as can be found in corn. In fact, experts are still yet unable to differentiate corn from human beings. They still haven't discovered the missing variable between the two. Even the placenta found in the corn in which it produces the seeds is identical to the human placenta.

In the flesh, we're all quite literally stuck in Saturn's maze (maize)...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Trigger Man

The Trigger Man with the bloodshot eyes is but a grain of sand. His Father is the Holy Ghost, the Angel of Death.
There are lions in a cage, filled with rage, building up steam and ready to bust out.
There are those who are seen only as dogs to be trained, to obey strict orders, choking out any feeling for autonomy.
The Plan is to place you under the tooth and claw of the Law. Angry ants are crawling. If you catch a tiger by the tail, don't fail. If you can help anyone, help yourself, that's unless you hate yourself. Then don't help.
It’s all a matter of perspective. The Trigger Man is a Hero. He’s a Savior. He’s a Psycho and a Slayer.

The only thing left is the fork in the road:
“Do I follow the leader or do I act as dissenter?”

The Perfect Metaphor

Revelation 10:7
"In the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the Mystery of God shall be finished, as he has declared to his servants, the prophets."
Zombies and vampires, according to the consumer markets, are the most popular when considering the horror genre. They both share immortality and both belong to the Undead Club. They literally feast off the energy and spirit of the living -- a perfect metaphor for anyone who seeks wealth, power and status at the expense of others' misfortune.
When we examine what these creatures represent, it becomes clear that symbols and feelings intermingle. Haitian voodoo is a religious movement developed through the interaction of European Christianity and West Africa tradition: slavery and the resistance to the slavery.  Zombies are a part of the system of maintaining social cohesion. Those who violate social and community rules and values are at risk of being turned into a zombie.
These archetypes undoubtedly manifest from the underworld (a world under our world). Can we blame the denizens of a wasteland to attempt wrestling turf from another people who lay claim to greener pastures? It is only our lack of diligence and the developing of a weak character to blame for losing what we've taken for granted.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Thin White Duke

He was dangerous, intelligent, mysterious, and sexually ambiguous… David Bowie explored Satanism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Christianity all under the iconic masks of characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and the Thin White Duke.
In the 70's David Bowie introduced Kabbalah to the general public. In inter- views he identified himself as a practicing Kabbalahlist. This declaration was one of David's many media manipulations; a few years earlier he had referred to himself as a Buddhist. Despite the questionable authenticity of Bowie's allegiance to Kabbalah, this very public association of a famous pop star with an obscure spiritual practice brought Kabbalah (the inspiration behind Freemasonry) into the the mainstream and introduced Bowie’s next character, the Thin White Duke, as a Kabblahlist.
In a 2001 interview Bowie admitted that the inspiration for the title and the lyrics to ‘Station to Station’ was the cabbalistic tree of life and the fourteen landmarks on Christ's path to the crucifixion (and conjuring up spirits); a fusion of the occult with Christianity.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Chakras of the Kundalini represent the same thing, the merging of the feminine and masculine energies to obtain spirirual enlightenment. That’s what is behind the androgynous public personas of artists like Bowie, Prince, and Marilyn Manson who's work all contain esoteric symbolism. Purple is the color often associated with Kundalini as it symbolizes the red and blue (masculine and feminine) energies coming together (blue + red = purple).

Revenge of the Nerds

Nobody can divide a Company’s income among thousands of people without some sort of gauge for determining the employees’ value. The Director of Distribution’s gauge was ‘boot-licking’. When you saw the glint in his eyes, you saw the real motive of any person who had ever preached the slogan, “From each according to their ability; to each according to their need”.

How could educated, cultured and famous people make a mistake of this magnitude, preaching this abomination as the Plan of Righteousness? Mistakes this big are never made innocently. You can bet, donuts to dollars, that they have their reasons kept under wraps. There wasn’t a soul pitching for The Great Mistake that hadn’t done so without a surety they’d be taking from those more able than themselves. We could make a movie with this plot line: REVENGE OF THE NERDS!

It is written...

Electrons are eternal. They don't decay.
Stable atoms won't change into another type of atom all by themselves:
•Hydrogen-1 (protium)
•Hydrogen-2 (deuterium)
•Helium-4 no mass number 5.
•Lithium-7 no mass number 8.

It is said that unstable atoms change spontaneously, but knowing that effects are always preceded by a cause, this is impossible. The truth is that this proves, beyond doubt, that the half life of a specific organization is determined by mathematical code. What is meant by the word, DECAY, is that the changing atom becomes an unchanging atom.
Now, if you were to ask me if there is any way to measure the age of an atom, to tell how close it is to decaying, you'd be asking me how long it would be before an atom changes into an unchanging atom. I was told that there is no way for that to be determined.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I see a problem, do you see a problem?

Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty of two counts of murder on Friday in the killing of two men in a drive-by shooting outside a Boston nightclub in July 2012. His defense attorney said he was "delighted" and that Hernandez was "relieved" about the verdict.
Convicted murderer and former NFL star, Aaron Hernandez, was found hanged in his Massachusetts prison cell Wednesday morning, just days after his acquittal in a double murder case.
I see a problem.
Do you see a problem?
Huffington Post has Zionists writing pieces for them and they're going out of their way to accentuate the death as a SUICIDE which, to me, is a damning indictment. They wouldn't be using the psyop if there wasn't any foul play.

Santa Claus

The version or image that won the day was a creation of Thomas Nast, a cartoonist for Harpers Weekly. He came up with an image of this character back in 1863. Santa was drawn up to look like a robber baron that, instead of an evil nature, had a jolly one. Instead of being a taker he was a giver. He didn’t steal from the less fortunate, he helped them. It was a great PR move for America’s retailers: a toy industry with a heart of gold. Both children and parents could now pretend that presents weren’t in the realm of the commercial market place.
The first generations of Christians didn’t celebrate Jesus’ birth. The first Christians focused on his resurrection. It wasn’t until the 5th century (400 AD) that Rome and its introduction of the Nativity that December 25th became a holiday in association to the birth of Jesus. Many of the Church leaders throughout history, especially in England and America tried to outlaw this holiday because of its connection with pagan worship among many other things. Christmas Day acceptance into the Protestant Church of America hadn’t happened until the 1800s, a strategy to stop Protestant Christians from worshiping at Catholic churches on Dec. 25th.
The implementation was forced by Roman law through the power of the Catholic church and rejected throughout history by most of the early Christian leaders. The absence of the celebration of Jesus’ birth concerning Christmas is good in every aspect because Jesus never belonged in this pagan system that started out pagan and became secularized and commercialized in America.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

“Help! I’ve Fallen!”

Once upon a dream we dwelt under blue skies in the Land of the Everhigh. Then into the Garden came the spider. “I'm here for you and when I'm through, you can open up your eyes to see that your world's on fire and the Pyro-Liar is still grinning at you with a burnt match in his hand.”

Those who were told they could tame the sun so that they shine as immortals will, one day, be crying for all those that burned because of their cleverness.
When into the parlour comes the slider, the wise one says, “No!”.
Falling's easy but once fallen, rising will never be. So we must rise together. And so we set on making the disharmonic a harmonic symphony, see? If we cry as one, the tears that fall can kill the fire and keep everyone from that Love-H8er.

There was once a time when only God had fire. The moon and stars lead us through the night. One must have come here to hide the flame. Superstition is used to cloak the bars, arm yourselves with hack saws. There's a corner of the mind with a door that always opens up at sundown. What's inside is to remind you to hide from eyes that shine. We keep running until we find we have the power to illuminate the world.

Open the bible and turn to Page One: “Beware, you've found the answer.”
Page Two: “I wish that you were dead.”

They found me lying naked in the rain. Here I go again…from the start to the end. Amnesia keeping me from remembering how I did this before. Another spell can take me straight to Hell. The words, “Oh Lord, please take me with you” took him to a place we don't belong. If your fire's dying, I may know another place that you can go. It's hiding in the pages…

Thunder and lightning and electric machines are the devils that shout in your dreams. Friendly confusion like nothing you've seen. These are the demons that shout in your dreams
You fell from grace and slammed to the ground and yet you beg for more of the same. He'll come to you, but like the wind he's here today then gone away. His lie can blind you. There are perfect strangers in the dark waiting for their lives to start. He was born to be angry; a fire that just burned cold. You knew you should keep away. We measure in time and then we find the mountains we climb were just pretend!

The Lie: “You'll be rich you'll be golden. Just sign on the dotted line (no need to read the rules)!”
“Here comes another…you're empty and we're finished with you…on to the next one… I'm sure you've never had this meal before. We're still open stay and have some more. It's been raised upon your body and your soul (total control). Don't close your eyes. We'll come while you're sleeping… If you want to know where I've been hiding all these years, follow the tears…”
(Strange brew! Kill what’s inside of you)

And then the child, strange free and wild…the picture of the mother. The same cold eyes, the same old lies…the same as one another. Together they wait for the witching hour, feeling the heat and the push of power. The hand that rocks the cradle in the morning could be lurking round the corner with a gun before you take the time to say, “I'm sorry!” Remember where she's been and all the misery she's done.

Before the fall, we were only dancers. Angels gliding over the floor. Time stood still and we were sure of the answers. We waited but some wanted more. High above this world we had it all. No one seemed to care when evil came to call. It was then we became acquainted with temptation. We sinned
and then he closed the door. We thought we’d never be able to come back again but One from Above came for a set captives free if they’d only listen to the words:

“He that seeks to save his life shall lose it. He that lays down his life for my sake, shall save it.”

Mythical Religiosity of the Timecube

The possibility of planets being seeded by a proto-humanoid race… Gods enter our world through avatars in our timecube…they would set up planets like ours to build species individuation, then go sample them, these shape-shifters, infusing them with their nanobot technologies to advance their evolution in stages…
It’s essentially quantum computing… the quantum computing allows for information transfer in real time any point in the universe. They must wear a shell and become an avatar in order to become an actualized material entity… effect, time travel through the Universe. Old avatars can be made to interact with new ones by being teleported in signals back and forth between spheres without materialization. This is used to suspend consciousness as well as reincarnate old avatars into new settings. The body works like a time machine.
Cognition can be hacked for purposes of evolutionary direction. Timecubes come with probes that seed planets. Spiders are part of their tech and it's been said that some who became victims of a spider bite received intel on plans and designs of these timecubes. Interspecies remote viewing can be conditioned with tiny avatars encasing nanobots. Cognitive probes used by aliens generate ideas about you even before they approach you.

An elastine circuit is like a spacetime map. Just like DNA involves every cell of DNA having a copy of the DNA, so too elastine circuits have a copy of the whole universe in it. Beneath this is a subquantum realm. This is paratemporal and controls streams of time in multiple Universes, created by the Intilli Infini. They are in a causal suspended animation being casualties of massive empires that have been destroyed and now energetically pursue the creation of new ones.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Emanuel Swedenborg

He lived during the height of the Enlightenment, a period when intellectuals rejected dogmatic religious teachings in favor of science and reason, and his theology reflects a long struggle to understand the world of spirit through investigation of the physical world.

His spiritual senses were opened and he began to interact directly with the denizens of heaven, hell, and the world of spirits between. Drawing on the works of contemporary scientists and philosophers, he describes a subtle spiritual fluid that permeates and sustains all living creatures, existing in a complicated interaction with the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid. The origin of life is a sustaining energy that pervades all of creation, and the source of that energy is God. Thus nature, in Swedenborg’s view, derives life in all its forms from that creative energy and would be dead without divine influence.
Swedenborg experienced intense dreams and visions at night. In one dream, a man appeared and asked him if he had a health certificate; Swedenborg interpreted this as Christ asking him if he were prepared to undertake a spiritual vocation. He began to record experiences of being in contact with the spiritual world. Everything written there has an inner spiritual meaning he calls a “correspondence.” The correspondence between the physical world and the spiritual world, the structure of heaven and hell and the lives of angels and devils, the interaction between the soul and body, and the interconnectedness of faith and charity.

Angels and Devils

Our basis of Heaven lies in front of us our whole lives and yet we never open that door. We all contain a Heaven and a Hell..all we need to do is find them. Beings above, as is their nature to love, act as spiritual magnets influencing us homeward. Beings below, as is their nature to malign, act as spiritual magnets...leading you farther into the forests of the lost.

It can never be said that Heaven is outside anyone. Unless Heaven is within an individual, nothing of Heaven that is outside of the individual can flow in and be accepted. Our outer reflections perceived show us our inner state of being. Heaven and Hell states are cultivated into either gardens or wastelands. Heaven is when we are being Heaven and Heaven is Agent Giver, lacking nothing and offering everything to all the other members in the Macro-Body so that this humanity becomes a healed and harmonious whole. Hell is when we are being Hell and Hell is Agent taker, lacking everything and offering nothing to all the other members of the Macro-Body so that humanity becomes a sick and discordant mess.

Flowers of the Underworld

The dead approach him in swarms, unable to speak unless animated by the blood of the animals he slays. Without blood they are witless, without activity, without pleasure and without future. Only the ghost of the semi divine Teiresias is permitted by Persephone to retain the power to think independently, the rest "flit like shadows". The spirit of the hunter Orion herds together the spirits of his prey “through the Asphodel meadow”, and the spirits of the slaughtered suitors arrive, squeaking like bats in a cave. All residents drink from the river Lethe before entering the fields, thus losing their identities.

Asphodel of these fields are not exactly like the Asphodel of our world but are presumably strange, pallid, ghostly flowers. The Underworld itself is either at the outer bounds of the ocean or beneath the depths or ends of the earth. It is the dark counterpart to the brightness of Mount Olympus, the kingdom of the dead corresponding with the kingdom of the gods. In the midst of all this, an Elm can be seen where false dreams cling under every leaf…

The Power of Ideas

The amount of energy that a simple idea can generate is unrivaled.
First, what does ‘activation of the human body’ mean? Metaphors can be used such as, “coming online”, “awakening”, “piercing the veil”, “being reborn”, “ascending into higher vibration”.
Just realize that everything you have become was based on a big fat lie. Activation is the grace and bliss awaiting a soul after a complete deprogramming of matrix-based constructs. The collapsing of a whole world created out of ignorance and the reconstruction of a new one by the creator you have acknowledged in yourself, the eternal and sovereign soul.
This new world is the one you may have heard prophesied about, and will come about for everyone as soon as enough souls have reached this unavoidable conclusion: the realization that we are above the control of the control setup of what has kept reality as it is (i.e., a tape that’s been stuck for thousands of years).
We are remembering that we are the creators of everything, of even all the gods ever worshiped that are kept alive to this day by astral energy in the astral plane, seeking more devotees, more slaves. These gods now find themselves in a predicament where they will slowly lose all power in the form of fear given off by the ignorant seeking salvation outside themselves.

Role Revealed

I was guided, this morning, to a passage of scripture..

Revelation 6:2

"I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest."

STEPHAN: Greek male name means Crowned One
I was born in the year 1966

Horse is the seventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Horse include 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Illuminati Tree

- Alpha and Omega -- Immanentizing of the Eschaton
- First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in mythical Atlantis
- Mythical Lloigor inhabit continent of Mu
- Dropa tribe (disks describe how the tribe came to earth in flying machines)
- Egyptians begin placing small pieces of crystal on the forehead of deceased prior to mummification
- building of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza
- Sarmoung Brotherhood of Babylonia
- Egyptians record star configurations (decans) on which the 24 hour day is based
- Stonehenge
- Babylonian Enuma Anu Enlil
- Akhenaton's monotheistic sun worship in Egypt
- Tutankhamun, Akhenaton's successor who revived polytheism
I Ching
Legendary Thule civilization in the Gobi region (survivors migrating to Agarthi and Schamballah)
- Huge Sacrificial Table built at Mystery Hill near North Salem, New Hampshire
- building of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem
- Twenty-eight "moon stations" in monthly lunar cycle recognized in Babylonia, India, and China
- Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus
- city of Petra
- Nebuchadnezzar completes building Tower of Babel in Babylon
-Sun Tzu's treatise The Art of War(first intelligence manual)
- Development of the 12 constellations of the zodiac in Mesopotamia
- Recognizing the importance of the plane of the elliptic through which the sun, moon, and planets move
- Druidism in England
- Astrological ideas from Enuma Anu Enlil
- Plato's
The Republic
Plato's Timaios and Kritias(earliest accounts of Atlantis)
- Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan
- Fabius family of Rome
- Aratus's P
the Nine Unknown
- Birth of Jesus of Nazareth (accompanied by various Illuminoid trappings)
a. three early Men-In-Black disguised as the Wise Men
b. strange lights in the sky
c. miracles such as visits from angels, prophecy, and suspension of time are reported
- Carnation-Painted Eyebrows Society
- Copper Horses, Iron Shins, and other secret societies active in China
- Assassination of the radical Jesus, allegedly on Illuminati orders
- Simon Magus, Menander, Valentinus, and others develop Gnostic religious doctrines of esoteric knowledge (illumination).
- Ptolemy's
- Roman Mithraism competes with Christianity
- Yellow Turban Society
- First book of the Kabbalah, Sefer Yetzirah, compiled
- Life of Mani, the Illuminator, who founded Manichaeism
- Callinicus invents Greek Fire
- Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England
Abdul Alhazred's Al Azif
Charlemagne's Holy Secret Tribunal (the Holy Vehm)
- Bogomils of Bulgaria (a Manichean sect)
- First Fatimid caliph in Egypt
- Yezidi cult by Sufi Sheikh Adi in Iraq
- Hasan-e Sabbah, founder of the Assassins of Persia
- Order of Hospitallers in Jerusalem
- Abode of Learning sect
- Sufi Gilani founds Arabic school of Illuminati
- Kadiri Order of Sebil-el-ward
- Thug cult of India
- Albigensian Cathari sect
- Avengers and Beati Paoli
- Joachim of Floris founds Illuminated Ones
- Knights Templar founded in Palestine
- wandering of the Gypsies of North India
- Peter Waldo's Poor Men of Lyons
- Life of Dr. Illuminatus, Ramon Llull
- Vehm in Westphalia
- Thomas Paine's Common Sense
Thomas Paine's Crisis
- Adam Smith's
Wealth of Nations
- Kant's
Critique of Pure Reason
Emmanuel Swedenborg

Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The Magic Flute
- Life of Joseph Balsamo
Mary Shelley's
Book of Mormon
- Marx's
Communist Manifesto
Origin of Species
Madam Blavatsky
- Mary Baker Eddy's
Science and Health
Aleister Crowley
- Edgar Cayce
Wounded Knee massacre
- Zionism
- Pavlov
- Order of New Templars, a fore-runner of the Nazi mentality
Protocols of Elders of Zion
Philip Dru: Administrator
Ku Klux Klan
- David Van Bush (H.P. Lovecraft as a ghost writer)
- Thule Society
- Charles Fort's
The Book of the Damned

Black Goo..who are you?


Anyone walking along the road and sees a big glob of Black Goo actually moving on its own like a living being, would have a difficult time getting anyone to believe them.

The Black Goo was collected into two different boxes. The crystal like form moved the boxes to try to get to one another. Many are calling the Black Goo demonic. How it was concluded that the crystals were of a demonic source, I have not found any evidence in my research. However, the goo has been found near The Bush home. Some consider that to be a sign that it is not of God?
The scientific breakdown of the goo is a mineral oil containing high amounts of m-state gold and iridium. Found on Thule Island on the South Falkland Islands and under the Gulf of Mexico, the Black Goo has been spotted and recorded on YouTube by many. A black oil is said to have come from events where the Earth's crust split and broke allowing the goo to seep in.
Black Goo shows the ability to organize itself and display highly intelligent consciousness. According to witnesses, the goo's energy instructs them to have thoughts of murder. Reported to smell like sulfur, those who have spotted the goo off the Gulf of Mexico have touched it stating the texture is slimy and looks like crude oil.
Tests are ongoing to find out exactly what the Black Goo is. Though it sounds like a creature we have seen in an old 1970s episode of Star Trek where Doctor Spock tells the crew he cannot compute what the substance is, but warns that it is alive. And then Captain Kirk gets sucked in by the Black Goo and somehow has a love affair with a female version of the Black Goo decorated crystals and something irresistible possessing him. He tries to get Scotty to beam him up before the Black Goo takes complete control of his functions. Of course, there is a fight to the death and Captain Kirk is able to break free from The Black Goo's hold on him. He makes it back the spacecraft with his crew. He sits exhausted with traces of goo on him and instructs the crew to take off. The show ends with Star Trek fans wondering is the Black Goo laid eggs somewhere on the Captain Kirk's ship.
When I think of other life being out there in space that might have landed here on Earth, I think of being that look similar to us, but definitely not little green men or Black Goo.

Game of Thrones Decoded

We look at how Game of Thrones is the Luciferian Agenda playing out.
It’s not how you think it is. It’s actually the OPPOSITE of what you think it is. The characters that you think are good are BAD and the characters you think are bad are GOOD. They not only invert the characters but they invert the actual country as well. Whose favorite trick is to invert? Why the Luciferians of course.

Let’s start with the writer and director, George RR Martin. First, notice the hand sign; touching the chin, this is code for “I sacrifice for the Great Work.” It’s also in the form of a Lion’s paw.

Could George Martin be related to Chris Martin of Cold Play? Perhaps… the Martins do like masonic hand signs. Martin is doing the sign of the Adept that basically means you will lose your head if you give away their secrets. And his fingers form an M. M for Mason, M for 13, as in the 13 bloodline families. Also notice his mouth is open, which shows submission.

I found a connection to the RR initials while doing researchng for the movie The Kingsman. In The Kingsman a particular date was given as to when Kingsman Tailors was established. I discovered that in the year 1849, nothing stood out until November. On November 16 of that year, per the wiki, “A Russian court sentences Dostoyevsky to death for anti-government activities linked to a radical intellectual group, the Petrashevsky Circle. Facing a firing squad on December 23rd the group members are reprieved at the last moment and exiled to the katorga prison camps in Siberia .”

Dostoyevsky wrote the novel Crime and Punishment. This gives us insight into what the Kingsman’s actual philosophy is.Raskolnikov compares himself with Napoleon Bonaparte and shares his belief that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose. the character in Crime and Punishment compares himself to Bonaparte because Bonaparte, (per the wiki) “during the Battle of the Pyramids, ordered the murder of 1,400 PRISONERS while in the coastal town of Jaffa. To save bullets he ordered them executed by bayonet or drowning, these included women and children.

Crowley's motto was used by the Hellfire Clubs in nineteenth century England. They had “do as thou will shall be the whole of the law” overhanging one of their club entrances. Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers, was a member. And the clubs are currently running today with notables David Icke and Russell Brand having attended.

 On Jimmy Fallon’s show he, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell were playing a GAME where you had to guess if the event they described, actually happened to them. Colin Farrell’s “event” was that he was a suspect in an actual murder. The victim was beaten to death and his apartment lit on fire to hide the evidence.

J RR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson had a little “club” as well with Johnny Depp and Damien Echols, convicted of murdering three children in West Memphis, and got matching tattoos.

So George RR Martin’s philosophy is Luciferian. Moon is symbolic of the Left Hand Path and the Sun is symbolic with God’s Son, or Christ, the Right Hand Path.  A “Game of Thrones” is just that. It is a “game” or battle between light and dark, sun and moon, Christ and Lucifer, for control of our Earthly realm.

Saturday, 15 April 2017


Let me begin
By saying this first..
Never again
Shall befall you a curse.
For there shall be
Again no more laws
That bite with their teeth
Or rip with their claws.
It is only befitting
And certainly right
That never again
Shall we dwell in the night.
To those of whom
The Angel of Light swoon,
Never again
Is that hovering moon.
Rewards are given
According to works;
Never received
By what we believed.
Blessings are yours
By choices you made
According to order
Divinity laid.
Outside the gates
Of our Garden Eden
Are those magicians
Missing out summer's season
Who did work their magick.
Playing God with no reason,
Causing blight on their futures
For acts of their treason.
They made up their own rules
Of what's right and what's wrong
Ended as fools.
Singing a long sad swansong.
Those who murdered
To save their own skins
Who made idols of selves
Died in their sins.
Those who loved
The lies that they made
Were the lies that kept them
Being graciously saved.

Derailing Humanity


Derailing Humanity

Judd Apatow's movie, 'Trainwreck' is a 2 hour-long exposé on how an alien virus is programming us to ride on the Road to Ruin. By using associations and name-dropping, the whole sordid affair is spelled out for us.
Associations are made to make certain ideas both positive ones and negative ones. Name-dropping is used both to magnify and to humiliate.

Viral memes meant to derail humanity
-women shouldn't enjoy a man's affections, just his sexual anatomy
-men should be sexually aroused by observing male aggression
-the butt is sexually arousing
-men are predators/stalkers if they pursue women after sexual relations
-men are serial killers
-you'll never actually have black friends so you'll have to lie about it
-breath control
-the black man's role is to serve the white man
-only male offspring have value
-Fascist march training
-smoking weed is cool
-only bloodline offspring have value
-it's only normal when married couples are fighting
-incest between a father and his son is humorous
-Infidelity is humorous
-theme song lyrics, "Ima do my thing..I don't give a fuck"
- pedophilia promoted ("boner for young people")
- Magazine ‘Snuff’ (humans killing humans for entertainment)
- interns called “it” and “this” (object rather than subject)
- men are gay because women are boring
- small breasts on women are ridiculed
- males are vain, stupid, shallow and feminine
- women see men as sex objects
- women have no love for children
- women have no respect for men
- fathers teaching children (daughters) that divorce is legitimate because monogamy is boring
- adult daughters sexualizing their mother
- adult daughters devaluing the worth of their father
- being sexually selfish is promoted.
- trash objects that have sentimental meaning
- making light of sexual abuse in nursing homes
- men want sex with any female that isn’t their spouse
- pretending to like someone is encouraged
- Homeless people defecate in cars or anywhere other than actual bathrooms
- men climax during sexual intercourse with women when fantasizing about having sex with men.
Positive associations:
College professors = Do great stuff
"It's killer" = It's great
The news is a bummer = It's great
Satire = Good
It’s funny and cool that a man knows what semen tastes like
There is no “I” in TEAM
There is an “I” in WIN
Can’t spell VICTORY without t-r-y
Negative associations
smiling = bad
public displays of affection = bad
men getting pleasure out of sex = bad
young people interested in how the universe works = bad
a boy calling his mother, ‘mother’ = creepy
sports fans = lesser persons
red heads = can’t get laid
the elderly having sex = gross

Consumer Brand Name-Drops
- Nike
- Air Jordan
- Instagram
- Lay's Potato Chips
- Starbucks
- pizza
Unrelated themes dropped:
Cleveland ("Cleveland and Miami are the same")
'You'll be better friends with us if you just play your part"
Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' (is the only thing that saves you)
"wound gets invaded by evil spirits"
Moon Dog
Nylon curtain
Child's Play
Cross fit
Tone Loc
"Mama said knock you out"
Game of Thrones (x2)
The Black Keys
Ryan Phillipe
Studying the Mandarin language
“lighting up green”

Positive Name-Drops
Norman Rockwell - a member of Red Mountain Lodge No. 63 F.& A.M., Arlington, Vermont.
Kate Middleton
Martha Stewart
Daniel Radcliffe (walks a big dog)
The Hulk
Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Spacy (Kaiser Soze)
Johnny Depp
Kevin Durant
Lebron James
Babe Ruth
Orlando Bloom

Negative Name-Drops
-MC Hammer
-Michael Jackson