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Derailing Humanity


Derailing Humanity

Judd Apatow's movie, 'Trainwreck' is a 2 hour-long exposé on how an alien virus is programming us to ride on the Road to Ruin. By using associations and name-dropping, the whole sordid affair is spelled out for us.
Associations are made to make certain ideas both positive ones and negative ones. Name-dropping is used both to magnify and to humiliate.

Viral memes meant to derail humanity
-women shouldn't enjoy a man's affections, just his sexual anatomy
-men should be sexually aroused by observing male aggression
-the butt is sexually arousing
-men are predators/stalkers if they pursue women after sexual relations
-men are serial killers
-you'll never actually have black friends so you'll have to lie about it
-breath control
-the black man's role is to serve the white man
-only male offspring have value
-Fascist march training
-smoking weed is cool
-only bloodline offspring have value
-it's only normal when married couples are fighting
-incest between a father and his son is humorous
-Infidelity is humorous
-theme song lyrics, "Ima do my thing..I don't give a fuck"
- pedophilia promoted ("boner for young people")
- Magazine ‘Snuff’ (humans killing humans for entertainment)
- interns called “it” and “this” (object rather than subject)
- men are gay because women are boring
- small breasts on women are ridiculed
- males are vain, stupid, shallow and feminine
- women see men as sex objects
- women have no love for children
- women have no respect for men
- fathers teaching children (daughters) that divorce is legitimate because monogamy is boring
- adult daughters sexualizing their mother
- adult daughters devaluing the worth of their father
- being sexually selfish is promoted.
- trash objects that have sentimental meaning
- making light of sexual abuse in nursing homes
- men want sex with any female that isn’t their spouse
- pretending to like someone is encouraged
- Homeless people defecate in cars or anywhere other than actual bathrooms
- men climax during sexual intercourse with women when fantasizing about having sex with men.
Positive associations:
College professors = Do great stuff
"It's killer" = It's great
The news is a bummer = It's great
Satire = Good
It’s funny and cool that a man knows what semen tastes like
There is no “I” in TEAM
There is an “I” in WIN
Can’t spell VICTORY without t-r-y
Negative associations
smiling = bad
public displays of affection = bad
men getting pleasure out of sex = bad
young people interested in how the universe works = bad
a boy calling his mother, ‘mother’ = creepy
sports fans = lesser persons
red heads = can’t get laid
the elderly having sex = gross

Consumer Brand Name-Drops
- Nike
- Air Jordan
- Instagram
- Lay's Potato Chips
- Starbucks
- pizza
Unrelated themes dropped:
Cleveland ("Cleveland and Miami are the same")
'You'll be better friends with us if you just play your part"
Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' (is the only thing that saves you)
"wound gets invaded by evil spirits"
Moon Dog
Nylon curtain
Child's Play
Cross fit
Tone Loc
"Mama said knock you out"
Game of Thrones (x2)
The Black Keys
Ryan Phillipe
Studying the Mandarin language
“lighting up green”

Positive Name-Drops
Norman Rockwell - a member of Red Mountain Lodge No. 63 F.& A.M., Arlington, Vermont.
Kate Middleton
Martha Stewart
Daniel Radcliffe (walks a big dog)
The Hulk
Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Spacy (Kaiser Soze)
Johnny Depp
Kevin Durant
Lebron James
Babe Ruth
Orlando Bloom

Negative Name-Drops
-MC Hammer
-Michael Jackson

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