Saturday, 8 April 2017

Rebel, Rebel

The Usurper to the Throne is Ego and what does Ego do when it unjustly crowns himself King? He sticks his tongue out and blows so that the tongue rattles like a you see the forked tongue of a snake rattle. Ego is Rattlehead, the Venom Spitter with Draconian fangs, sneaking around and hiding in the grass ready to strike the unsuspecting.

To manifest Divinity and it's anti-Hero, the Undivine Villain, bodies need to be created which act as lanterns for either the Divine Light or the Dark Lord. So we have John the Divine and Jack the Ripper (Jack O' Lantern).

[from Pink Floyd's 'Not Now John']

We've go to get on with these
Can't stop!
Lose job!
Mind gone!
What bomb?
Get away!
Pay day!
Make hay!
Break down!
Need fix.
Big six.
Clickity click.
Hold on!
Oh no,
Bring bingo!

Make 'em laugh
Make 'em cry
Make 'em dance in the aisles
Make 'em pay
Make 'em stay
Make 'em feel okay

Not now, John
We've got to get on with the film show
Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow..


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