Monday, 10 April 2017

All in the Family

We're all one big Tribe, they told us.
We're all in this together, they told us.

Our work won't belong to us. It belongs to Big Brother and the Holding Company, and they owe us nothing in return. We've been left to beg for our needs hoping the Establishment will throw us a bone.

Which of us keeps quiet and wallowing in a hidden shame?
Which of us gets away with the Jack Pot (777) at the end of the rainbow (Jotusheim -- Land of the Lizards)?

The Council votes which men are best.
The Council votes who gets sentenced to work overtime each night for the next six months.

Overtime without pay? Why?

You weren't paid by time.
You weren't paid by work.

We begin to hide whatever ability we had.
We begin to slow down, watching like hawk:
-that we never work any faster
-that we never work any better
...than the next fellow.

What other result can be produced knowing that doing our best for Big Brother gets us punished rather than rewarded?

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