Sunday, 30 April 2017

The VR UFO Invasion

The top-secret program is rumored to be NASA’s attempt to implement a New World Order via simulated holographic projections of major events such as the second-coming of Jesus or an alien  invasion. A man who published a book about it (Serge Monast) died under suspicious circumstances of a heart attack in 1996.
According to Monast, all people will be required to take an oath to Lucifer with a ritual initiation to enter the New World Order. Resisters will be categorized in one of seven categories:
1. Christian children would be kept for human sacrifice or sexual slaves.
2. Some prisoners to be used in medical experiments.
3. Some prisoners to be used as living organ banks.
4. Healthy workers would be placed in slave labor camps.
5. Uncertain prisoners would be placed in a international re-education center, thence to repent on television and learn to glorify the New World Order.
6. Some would be sent to the international execution center.
7. The seventh classification is as yet, unknown.


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