Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Welfare World

There is no surer way to destroy a person than to force one to aim at "not" doing their best. There is nothing left to do but fake unfitness. Ability becomes a mortgage one can never pay off. You discover that your basic pittance would be given to you anyway whether you worked or not: your 'housing and feeding' allowance.

Big Brother hires fishermen to catch the fish in a net by using attractive lures. News feeds are the food fed to them by the hired Feeders.

Let's say you are a collector of classical music on vinyl. The Feeders don't have an allowance for vinyl records. That is anathema: a 'personal luxury'. The money you want allowed to you is going toward someone else's cosmetic surgery. It's a 'medical need' as feelings stemming from the dreaded 'inferiority complex' is unacceptable.

When all the decent pleasures are forbidden, there's always ways to get the rotten ones. You don't break into grocery stores after dark and you don't pick pedestrian pockets to buy classical symphonies or fishing tackle. If it's to get stinking drunk to forget......you do.

There is no money for a tobacco allowance when the babies' Milk Fund is screaming for the Feeder's attention. Babies are the only item of production that doesn't fall but rises higher and ever more higher. People have nothing left to do. They don't have the same burdens as they did in the old world (too many mouths to feed). The baby is no longer the burden of its parents. It's the burden of the Queen Bee in this collective Hive Mind.

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