Friday, 21 April 2017

It is written...

Electrons are eternal. They don't decay.
Stable atoms won't change into another type of atom all by themselves:
•Hydrogen-1 (protium)
•Hydrogen-2 (deuterium)
•Helium-4 no mass number 5.
•Lithium-7 no mass number 8.

It is said that unstable atoms change spontaneously, but knowing that effects are always preceded by a cause, this is impossible. The truth is that this proves, beyond doubt, that the half life of a specific organization is determined by mathematical code. What is meant by the word, DECAY, is that the changing atom becomes an unchanging atom.
Now, if you were to ask me if there is any way to measure the age of an atom, to tell how close it is to decaying, you'd be asking me how long it would be before an atom changes into an unchanging atom. I was told that there is no way for that to be determined.

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