Friday, 14 April 2017

The Day is Their Enemy

K [nights] I [n] S [atan's] S [ervice]

These warriors have eaten the fruit and kissed the Snake, "Good night!" As scribes and channels of the Infernal One, they act as mouth pieces of the one that burns with rage while chained in his cage:

"I'm lord of the wasteland,
A modern day man of steel.
 I gather darkness to please me
And I command you to kneel
 Before the God of thunder,
The God of rock'n roll.
 I'll STEAL your virgin soul."
Did you hear that? There is no free trade, no above board dealing. This is out-and-out theft. A promise is made and a promise is believed and then the fooled lose it all while the Devil gains another piece of real estate above ground.
Whether of not we believe in a Biblical Hell, those musicians emit low vibrations of evil and destruction, which are forced upon our youth by the music industry. One does not have to be a genius to understand what effect this has on young people's minds and their way of seeing things. Music is VERY powerful, and used in a wrong way it can change a whole generation in a way that may have catastrophic consequences. With morals and ethics gone, what remains is anarchy and chaos - the desired state the Illuminati wants the world to be in before the take over. By making rebels out of our teenagers and have them go against their parents, the Illuminati is trying to dissolve the Family Unit, which is a very strong bond. As long as families stick together and the parents teach their children morals and ethics, the Elite will have a very hard time to control us.
"Now the time is here
For Iron Man to spread fear:
Vengeance from the grave;
Kills the People he once saved."


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