Monday, 10 April 2017

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Most modern pop stars acknowledge Bowie as an inspiration in one way or another, but one oddity is that Lady Gaga called him “an alien prince“:

“He’s sort of like an alien prince. He still runs my universe as well, like, every morning I wake up and I think, ‘What would Bowie do?’“

Ziggy Stardust was also an androgynous character, which is what the Dogon tribe of Mali (as seen on Ancient Aliens) believes the Nommo-fish people were (technically hermaphroditic). These fish-people were the deities that can loosely be tied into this reptilian Illuminati bloodline. These Nommo-fish people (and Starbucks) were also portrayed in the symbolism of Florence + The Machine’s Spectrum music video.

Bowie also had a popular theme of astronauts/spacemen with songs such as Starman and Major Tom. The song Major Tom was emulated by various other artists, including Elton John with his Rocket Man and is even referenced in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Is it too paranoid to point out that one of the film’s promo images shows Ben Stiller covering up one of the eyes (giving us the All Seeing Eye symbolism again):

The band KISS (rumored to stand for Knights In Satan’s Service) had characters/alter egos named Starchild, Space Ace, and The Demon. Ironic that they would have a demon in the mix with the alien characters… Anyhow, Paul Stanley (Starchild) had the star strategically placed over his right eye; again giving us the Aleister Crowley All Seeing Eye:


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