Sunday, 31 July 2016

Awareness Provocated

Awareness Provocated
A tourist's eye tears up
Looking down at a foreign human spectacle
Walled in by ditches piled high ...
With the laundry of vagrants
And accompanying rejection notices
Hastily scribbled on vulgar parchment;
All observed through a barrier
Of tourist bus windows.
Mud-streaked faces
Stained with unmistakable sad
Failed to escape his notice,
Contrasts too vast to contemplate,
Those with his home's neighbors'
Pre-adults crashing college kid keg parties
In a different flavored neighborhood.
Hunting for answers to tragic world reality
Competed for most probable unsuccess,
The challengers being an expedition,
Hunting wild elephants with Hasbro dart guns.
The traveler, feeling buttock fatigue
On seats too stubborn to give way
To an average man's weight
Lost hold of his self image.
Smudge-like, reflections mimicking
The long ago reflections found
In resin-caked bong glass.
Symptoms of this nature were children
Of a society fermenting like spoiling fruit,
Even bedroom mirrors were infamously two faced.
The climate hosted suburban pillows
Who tattled wickedly on their respective
Above-the-neck jockeys.
The obscenity made a laughing stock
Of formidable disgust brought on
By the insane 'what-if' day dreaming;
A Flintstone and Rubble swinger's night.
The bus wheels' ball-bearings
Continued their grind out of the cage
Keeping poverty's greatest numbers
And into places that Opened up wide
Like a canyon vista on plains
Arrow-straight as railroad ties
Stretching across country prairie.
If nothing else, a compulsion was born
To garner efforts securing
Front-cover to back-cover inertia
For a book he remembers
Awakened his consciousness from
A decades dead apathetic slumber.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Yin and Yang

Nothing is the Cause of all somethings.

There are two states of reality

constant c (STATE 1)

Infinite state
Potential state

below constant (STATE 2)
Finite state
Actualized state

The Tao is the true symbol of our two state reality:

The Nothing and the Something
The Creator and the Created
The Being and the body
The Undefined and the defined
The illuminator of objects and the objects
The Mind and the thought
The Inifinite and the finite
The Yin and the Yang

The micro exists by way of generation from the Macro.
There wouldn't be finite distances if Infinite Space wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be linear time if Absolute Time, the Always Now wasn't Reality.

There wouldn't be imperfect wills if Divine Will wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be conditional love if Unconditional Love wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be flawed reasoning if Perfect Reason wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be egos (mini-creators) if the Macro Creator wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be finite existence if Infinite Existence wasn't Reality.

Space, time, mass and velocity are all perceptually dependent.

Objective reality is this:

Infinite space = No space
Infinite time = No time
Infinite mass = No mass
Infinite velocity = No velocity

We could put one state on one side of a coin and the other state on the other side and call that coin our two-state reality:

Energy - mass
Mind - thought
Yin - yang
Infinite - finite
Limitless - limited
Being - non-Being
Absolute - relative
Unconditioned - conditioned
Creator - created
White - black
Circle - straight line
One - many
Always Now - past-present-future
The Transcendent - duality

Many claim that matter and energy are the same property. It's important to realize that they are opposites. If they were the same, you could mold me a ball of space, mold me a ball of light, mold me a ball of energy, mold me a ball of love or mold me a ball of will:

- infinite
- undefined
- motionless
- non-spacial
- atemporal
- medium

- finite
- defined
- has velocity
- dimensional (spacial)
- in linear time
- disturbance (information)

Agent and the caused don't share states:
The Causer and the caused;
The Definer and the defined;
The Creator and the created;
The Perceiver and the perceived.

Subject and Object don't share the same state:
Subject (outside linear time and spacial distance)
Object  (inside linear time and spacial distance)
Subjects create objects. If we were created then we have a beginning. "I am Always Now".

One state is dimensional, the other isn't.

1. The four-dimensional space-time which is perceptually dependent.

2. The dimensionless or Potential State, the place where all properties are valueless (zero or infinite).

The Unseen exists:

-Time    (Always Now)
-Space   (distance between objects)
-Light    (you can only see what it illuminates, you can't see light itself)
-Mind    (you can see thoughts but not where thoughts are projected)
-Being   (you can see what Being animates but not Being Itself)
-Energy (how much does a cup of Energy weigh?)

The World's social engineers have robbed us of the unseens state that the seen state proceeds from. This is what they left us with:

 - the natural
 - the finite
 - the defined
 - the limited
 - the created

This is what they kept from us:

 - the Supernatural
 - the Infinite
 - the Undefined
 - The Limitless
 - The Creator

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Skepticism is valued among the science literate. Have you ever doubted that light can tell your brain what objects your eyes are looking at? The Key to understanding our spacetime reality is the maxim: "As Above, So Below". The "below" is your mind and the "Above" is Light. They make direct correlations. There hath been no greater trick performed than to form that which is formless. The Bible makes the claim that God formed the light. There are no light years. We can tell how fast light goes by watching how fast rainbows move. Light, which reveals the surfaces of objects, is caused by a change but the light itself doesn't change. It's like the rainbow. The rainbow doesn't change but the rain drops allow it to appear. The only way perception can take place is for information to be converted into particle-based objects (dimensional). Light can only illuminate dimensional objects. Darkness is simply not having illuminated objects in our awareness. The presence of light can only be observed when it's illuminating the surface of an object.  Non-motion has no way to vary.In spacetime reality, darkness happens when no objects with surfaces can be landed upon by light. No surfaces means no light. Darkness is the lack of a location and location will always be illuminated. If it isn't, your brain isn't processing that location. There is no light in space.Why doesn't light have an acceleration rate? If color in a rainbow is light, how fast is it going? Light is constant. What is the acceleration rate of non- motion? Nothing is in stasis. Always. How much mass (thing) does light have?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Discovering the truth makes us blessed, not genius. Consistency is the main ingredient in Truth. The truth has come to wrestle the lie to the ground so that world peace can finally abound. Satan represents the enemy of Truth or the Lie Teller. Find the lie and give it a big dose of truth and we'll see it shrivel and rupture in a pathetic episode of defeat. If we want to be proud, be proud of our courage to be authentic. If we don't know the difference between what is and what isn't true, we won't have the sight for wise navigation. Truth is able to slay the most intimidating of lies. Truth gets established by wrestling with the mystery until it tires and gives up its secrets. The Truth said, "I am not of this world. I am from above, you are from below." If this is our world, we are from below and separated from the Truth. The Truth is always angry at lies. If we're not angry at lies, we are one of them. If we fight against the truth we fight against that which sets us free. The man that speaks the truth is irrelevant. The truth that is spoken is what is to be valued. Truth is without meaning and meaning is without truth but will is true. Will desires to make meaning from the meaningless. Truth is always more powerful than a lie. The bolder we are with the truth, the more  easily the lies become casualties. There's only one truth to realize. It doesn't matter when or where we realize it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Ego

There isn't anything wrong with ego reality. Unrealization was purposed. An ego is entertainment for the ego-Owner, our True Self. Space- time was made so "I" could be different. Religions always preach the evils of being selfish. The purpose of the self is to be a self, not self-less. We only need to be careful not to let the ego take credit for anything. This keeps us from getting ego trapped. Detachment comes from realizing we aren't the owner but an experiencer. The owner is an ego. Believing our self as the owner is an ego trap. Depression comes from being trapped in our body-personalities. When we're free from the trap, we're free from depression. Anti-depressants are for people who think about themselves. When ego thinks it's the source of good, it becomes false light. To borrow from the bible, if our light be dark, how great is that darkness. The Sun represents our Original Nature (Pure Infinite Being).The moon represents our conceptual self or that which reflects Being. The more awareness we achieve, the fuller the moon becomes. Ones who are completely trapped in ego are represented by the new moon (the phase absent of all light).

Monday, 25 July 2016

Belief vs. Knowing

One should never believe when knowledge is available. If we profess a belief, we profess ignorance. Let us know what the true nature of reality is. This puts us on solid ground. We then have a foundation for a solid move forward in life. We don't need opinions. We need to know what is actually taking place in contrast with what actually isn't. The problem with religious apologetics is its use of well-crafted reasons to bring a convincing impression meant to cause the recipient to acknowledge it as a valid idea. This is the case regardless whether the argument matches the actual situation or not. Beliefs are what we do when we don't know how to live in the here and now. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid elsewhere. If knowing that believing something doesn't automatically make the belief true, why would one be so committed to it? Beliefs can affect us even if they're untrue ones. We act in a manner that would mimic what we do if those beliefs were true. If we believe we're being chased by a killer, we'll run the same way we'd run being chase by an actual killer. Believing is self-deceiving. Can we realize relying on any belief for our reality model is unwise? Can we, instead, realize what reality is? If we think we understand it, we don't understand it. Understanding comes by way of rev- elation. Humans, whether theists or atheists, are unbelievers while they're focused on some specific task at work. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid elsewhere. Both theist and atheist know there's something wrong if they see an elderly woman being abused. Both aren't thinking about their respective beliefs during this drama. Is there any difference between the two looking at their physicality (both human)? What was on their minds during the watching of this drama together?

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Love is always Home. If we're loving we're never lost. Do we deserve love? We are Love. We're told that God is love but when we love someone, we're doing the loving. Love can only love the lovely. The unlovely are lovely but only love can discern it. Love comes natural when we see the unloveable as lovely. We are the One that bestows gifts to the deserving. Love isn't dependent on behavior. It would be egoic love or loving something because of the payoff for one's own benefit, if that were the case. Let's learn to enjoy others. We see so much isolation for many of us. Community can only be experienced in the body. Harm and Care are real. Everything else is extraneous. We can't love God unless we're loving people, animals or some being in a body. Love elevates its target and increases the target's value. The opposite of this is devalueing it. Compassion and love is the fruit of Spirit. The unlovely clothes the lovely but only love can discern it. We don't produce fruit by obeying rules. We produce fruit by being the tree that can bear it. Love your 'you'. It's a construct for space- time adventures. It only lasts for a short span. We might as well make it a fun time. We can't love an empty corner of the ceiling of our church. Have unconditional love and perfect non-judgment toward the self we see appearing in the mirror. Identify it as our silly trouble-making companion. It does not need to jump through hoops to please a God of Judgment. The church falsely teaches strange ideas of what the nature of love is. One of these ideas is that love can be unfeeling actions. Another false idea is that love is fated for one particular individual and that it is our responsibility to go and find that person. There is no special love for one particular body. This is implied by the 'soul mate' doctrine. Love is generic. No particular body-personality can condition a love any more special than any other body-personality can. Love is like electricity. We can plug into all kinds of outlets and the energy is there. Love is Infinite Being and is outflow. Love won't experience Itself unless it can contact Itself. This happens when Infinite Being is separated by being in containers (bodies). Love is conditioned on contacting Itself (familiarity). Fear is conditioned on contacting not-Self (unfamiliarity). Hatred isn't anti-love but what love looks like when it perceives an enemy of love. Loving or hating the sin in action is loving or hating the sinner.