Thursday, 21 July 2016


Love is always Home. If we're loving we're never lost. Do we deserve love? We are Love. We're told that God is love but when we love someone, we're doing the loving. Love can only love the lovely. The unlovely are lovely but only love can discern it. Love comes natural when we see the unloveable as lovely. We are the One that bestows gifts to the deserving. Love isn't dependent on behavior. It would be egoic love or loving something because of the payoff for one's own benefit, if that were the case. Let's learn to enjoy others. We see so much isolation for many of us. Community can only be experienced in the body. Harm and Care are real. Everything else is extraneous. We can't love God unless we're loving people, animals or some being in a body. Love elevates its target and increases the target's value. The opposite of this is devalueing it. Compassion and love is the fruit of Spirit. The unlovely clothes the lovely but only love can discern it. We don't produce fruit by obeying rules. We produce fruit by being the tree that can bear it. Love your 'you'. It's a construct for space- time adventures. It only lasts for a short span. We might as well make it a fun time. We can't love an empty corner of the ceiling of our church. Have unconditional love and perfect non-judgment toward the self we see appearing in the mirror. Identify it as our silly trouble-making companion. It does not need to jump through hoops to please a God of Judgment. The church falsely teaches strange ideas of what the nature of love is. One of these ideas is that love can be unfeeling actions. Another false idea is that love is fated for one particular individual and that it is our responsibility to go and find that person. There is no special love for one particular body. This is implied by the 'soul mate' doctrine. Love is generic. No particular body-personality can condition a love any more special than any other body-personality can. Love is like electricity. We can plug into all kinds of outlets and the energy is there. Love is Infinite Being and is outflow. Love won't experience Itself unless it can contact Itself. This happens when Infinite Being is separated by being in containers (bodies). Love is conditioned on contacting Itself (familiarity). Fear is conditioned on contacting not-Self (unfamiliarity). Hatred isn't anti-love but what love looks like when it perceives an enemy of love. Loving or hating the sin in action is loving or hating the sinner.

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