Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wearing Different Hats

You are the Creator, the Deceiver and the Deceived. You create a way (the body: a virtual reality simulator).  When you are in it, it gives you an experience of being a creation rather than what You really are. When making a spacetime dimension, the slower the time effect is, the longer you exist. Because of the finite values of space, time, mass and velocity, death of the body is a necessity. Your true self is not the person that looks back at you in the mirror. Your true self is Infinite, Undefined, and Immortal. Your 'character' or 'avatar' has a life-span.  Hopefully, during that span of time, it can enjoy a spacetime reality filled with freedom and joy. The universe is fine-tuned. To argue otherwise is from a stubborn will to resist the Intelligent Designer Hypothesis. Everybody knows this.  Only the stubborn are unwilling to admit it.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hate the Sin, Hate the Sinner

We all understand what is right and wrong. We have inner knowing(intuition)that clues us in when we behave discordantly. In other words, we don't need an outside Law Giver. We are told that we are created in the image of God and that sin has marred that image. This is a good example of indoctrination. There is nothing wrong with being born into the human form. We are born naturally without a jaundiced eye towards others. This was cultivated into us. There is no such thing as 'sin'. There are things that feel unnatural,uncomfortable and painful but these shouldn't be considered sins, or acts of evil against a deity. It's not sin that we experience but a deviation from our original nature that leaves us feeling uncomfortable but not under judgment. If sin is missing the mark of some objective target outside of ourselves and that target doesn't actually exist, there is nothing to miss and hence there is no sin. The sin concept is meant to produce unnatural shame. Sin is a mind creation. If I tell you, as the Mormons do, that drinking coffee is a sin and you believe it, what happens in your mind when you smell coffee brewing and give in to the seduction and have yourself a cup? Sin ends up being a powerful tool in the form of a concept that, when embedded in the mind of the unsuspecting, has desired results. The sin doctrine has versatility as well. It can protect you from judgment while at the same time having all your fingers busily finding the sins of others to point at: "If you sin but I don't sin your sin, you need to get saved. If I sin, you need to memorize those "judge not, condemn not" verses. Sinner can't be separated from sinning. Condemning sin is condemning the sinner. Loving the sinner is loving the sin. Being is a verb and we are human beings. If we were not we'd be dead. We cannot separate the act from the actor.

To hate the sin is to hate the behavior is to hate the will that chose the behavior is to hate the sinner who IS the will.

Friday, 25 November 2016

The Stuff of Thoughts

Thought imagery can be cause in a variety of ways. It can be done by recreations of events we've previously experienced. It can be distortions of these experiences by way of self intention or the intention of others or unintended effects caused by perceiving actualized information. A dream is a potential reality with values for its various qualities in flux to the whims of the mind. Actualized spacetime reality has values or ratios for spacetime phenomena permanently defined. They are not accessible for alteration by the mind. The math is the environment when not perceived. The math doesn't have perception ability. Two phenomena are deduced, namely, a Perceiver and the perceived. There is only Energy and mass. One must be the Perceiver while the other must be the perceived. The environment is virtual spacetime. Absolute existence is bereft of it. The more attuned to now in any given event and the degree of interest is sparked in that event determines how long and how detailed we can rebuild representation of that event. Rebuilding happens in the present. Stored memories aren't being retrieved.

Do we have a motive for the creation of a virtual spacetime reality? The Perceiver or Infinite Mind can fathom all potentiality which would include what could be experienced if space and time were a reality. Infinite Mind, with mathematical definitions and set finite values has there wherewithal to create a spacetime reality for experiencing what cannot be experienced in an Undefined Infinite Timeless Spaceless state. One would predict that it would do the very same.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


We don't have to prove things. It's good enough to understand them. If you think of Infinite Mind in a state of Absolute Now (no past or future), no spacial distance (no road trips), and no motion (no rollercoaster rides), and no bodies ("I" , the bodiless loner), one would expect this Mind to remedy that with a virtual reality simulator that could condition a perceptual reality that allows for those phenomena. That's what a body with senses for inputting information describing objects and their position coordinates, a nervous system capable of being a highway for this information, and a brain where this information needs to be brought so that a dimensional build can be made from the information.

 In Buddhism, the goal is realization. Knowing that logic and reality are inseparable is to know that realization is had by following the bread crumb trail left by logic. Logic can't be separated from God and God can't be separated from reality. This eliminates the attempted defense that impossibities can exist because God can do anything including the impossible. Infinite Being can't be Omniscient. If you have a limited property, you need that which limit can be placed on. There are an unlimited number of things to experience. We can never get to the end of the unlimited. Knowing can be at full capacity and knowledge could be accumulative as the number of experiences grows. Subjective perception is caused by our idea of what we're seeing whether that idea is correct or not. Intelligence is directly proportional to the amount of applied thought one uses to discern the validity of an idea coming from an outside source. Our intuitive faculty is the center of understanding we use as a plumb line to compare ideas to it looking for a match.

 Being right about an idea is good. Being right can't be determined until we've applied our own thinking to it, ascertaining it and understanding it personally. Not knowing something is not delusional. Having a view that isn't in correlation with reality can be both a rational and delusional view. Imagination works by interpreting experience to match beliefs even if the beliefs don't match with reality. Knowing isn't conceptual. Thinking is conceptual. Wisdom is reiterating what resonates with our knowing-being. Only a knower can know. If there is something known, it implicates support for a view that there is a knower. The nonexistent have not the nature to question their existence. If we can question it, we know we exist. This proves the existence of a knower. Any so-called knowledge acquired via the senses (aka perception) isn't knowledge. Know- ledge comes from a non-perceptive source. Knowing can be at full capacity and can be accumulative as the number of experiences grows. We need to drop the ego. Our beliefs can then become redundant. Doubt is conditioned by contact with that which is perceived as being contrary to what is real. The perception can either be correct or incorrect.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Pantheism is a reality with a one-sided coin. Those with this view can't demarcate between energy and mass, mind and thought, subject and object, etc. They make an "all is one and all is nature" assumption. The natural world is the seen and all that is seen are dimensional objects. There is another world, the unseen. This world is one that is dimension-less and objectless. Nature proceeds from supernature, the seen from the unseen as evidenced by color and sound manifesting from the invisible, immaterial realm. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Time as Appearance

Time works the same way as space. It is never limited but made to appear that way. Infinite time is measureless. Being on a planet with seasons and a sun and a moon and clocks (or) watches makes us unaware that we are always in infinite time. Linear time is an illusion built with a lot of stage props to make it work. Dimensional existence is an illusion. All that time really is is the Always Now (absolute time Linear time is an illusion. Past and future is perception relative to where our body happens to be in the causal chain of events. Time transcends all events which are in a causal circle. That way no event can be seen to be before or after another one unless a pov steps into a specific event (entering linear time via a body). We measure time by perceiving the sequence in a causal chain. We can only do that if our pov is in one event. When not incarnated in a body the pov is outside one particular event. Absolute time is the pov where every event is in the present moment. Linear time happens when the pov is in only one event and the causal chain is perceived to leave the current moment. There is anticipation of an event resulting from the experience of causality. In order to experience linear time one has to perceive an object travel a distance. This is the cause of a time interval (relative time).

It's possible that one can enter a future event if one could transcend linear time reality because all events are already preserved in the infinite state. The reason this subject is misunderstood is that there is the belief that infinite time is linear and it isn't. Time doesn't begin or end. Time happens when conditions are met. Perceiving through the body (sensory/brain) is the condition for being in linear time reality. If an object is perceived moving a distance (which can only hap- pen within a relative reference frame,i.e., a body) then an awareness of past and future events being in a sequence formation can happen. The singularity is both massless and infinite mass: the exact same thing. Singularity: single location. Time stops at the speed of light and since linear time and spacial distance have direct correlation, where linear time stops, spacial distance disappears. The only way to make a linear time correlation with spacial distance is by traveling that distance, being an object with a velocity. Otherwise, there is no linear time connected to spacial distance which means there are no galaxies that we are seeing in the past. There is no direct correlation with linear time and spacial distance without an object traveling that distance (travel needs a stack of multi-events::non-travel doesn't). A time dimension needs more than one event. Only one event means no time dimension.

Will is timeless and spaceless. In order for something to have temporary existence, it has to have location coordinates in space. Nothing exists in spacetime. It's called space and time.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bodies Age, Being Doesn't

There is no chronological age outside the body. It's Always Now. There was never a time or ever will be a time that it isn't Always Now.  We can support this idea by finding out what conditions the perceptions of 'past'. Time isn't a straight line that starts somewhere and then continues on and on. Linear time happens when conditions are right. To make linear time a perception and belief, we have to see an object leave one location for another. When this takes place, our mind will see the event where that object was at its first location, as a past event or memory.  In the Absolute, this isn't the case. It's only the case from our particular reference frame.

Cause and effect is a chain reaction. The chain isn't growing links as our bodies grow. The chain is in one piece.  We can't see the whole chain. When we're in a body, we see a chain link one at a time.  Although it looks like the links we've already existed with have gone into a past, they haven't. We moved further along the chain. Finite space is distance between locations. We don't need a past-present-future for its existence. Every moment has finite space. They are in a state of non-motion, in the Now. Bodies don't stay at one particular moment event. The event chain spins like a reel on a projector.  The frame rate gives the illusion of motion and the illusion that events leave the present and head into a past.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Applying Thought

Allowing our self to be spoon-fed theories is a way to give up our divine ability to apply thought to all the phenomena around us. Realizing the true nature of reality will never happen unless we ponder what all of this is about using the question as a tool for discovery. Was the Big Bang responsible for light? If so, how so? Why does light have such a variety of spectrum? If nothing doesn't exist, why are particles observed popping out of nothing? If our solar system is hurling through space, how do we avoid collision? How is a photon particle in its wave form able to stretch any length with no seeming loss as is observed by stretching mass objects? We have to understand what reality is before we understand why particles pop in and out of existence.

Every dimensional event is a non-motion event. What we consider to be the natural free fall velocity of mass objects is really the frame-rate speed at which the Subject is passing through the frames. Those particles popping in and out of existence is perceiving one non-motion event leaving and another one appearing. Does spacetime have to come as one set, inseparable? That only happens if the distance is being traveled. Since traveling doesn't create the distance, it is a timeless property when there isn't any travel involved. Space and time are only directly correlated if that distance is being traveled. There is no linear time involvement in a dimensional material event with distance in it. Only material can expand (particles in the object move farther apart). Space hasn't the property for expansion.

Chaos happens when dissolution happens which is determined by giving longevity values. Science is right about the values they put in place of the variables but they failed to add them up. If a photon has zero rest mass and needs to have infinite mass to go the speed of light, we discover the true nature of zero: zero is identical to infinity. In a determined causal chain, the chances of something happening can only be 0% or 100%, nothing in between.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Is Everybody Here?

There's only one HERE. The Locationless Location, the Shoreless Shore. My HERE is not your HERE Which is a nature with no ability to write co-ordinates for. Co-ordinates are how one can determine it to be a location in time and space. If Absolute existence is non-motion why do we see stuff move? I call it a point of awareness that sits still while the event chain moves past it at a velocity that makes the motion of reality's objects believable. How is movement achieved? By an object changing location. How can that happen if there's only one location? There is only one location at the constant. Relative spacetime is the place of the many locations and relativity is a perceptual state. There is only two states. Spacetime with three spacial dimensions - one linear time dimension -AND- the dimensionless/infinite-dimension state which is outside time and space. There is no third option.

A frame of reference is on the causal chain. Not at the constant. Light is at every location in the universe making it something having no frame of reference. Frames put an object at a specific local set of coordinates, x, y, z and t. Light is at every location in the universe. That isn't what an object in a frame of reference does. Frames put the object at a location specified by a set of local coordinates, x, y, z and t. I can dismiss someone telling me space can move if movement is when something changes location and space has no location.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Living in the Past

Living in the past or the future is living outside of spacetime. The future is present to those who happen to be in those future events. Life itself is existence itself and existence is Always Now Always Here so in order to live a life (a history and a future) we have to be in an illusory reality. For the second hand on our watch to change from one location to the location that would imply a second's time has gone by, that hand has to be in a number of non-motion events seamed together. Life and non-life are in different states. Life is the Always Now and non-life is in the perceptual spacetime reality with a linear time arrow. Mortal never equals immortal but outside the body all events are in the Always Now. In the body, the future hasn't happened yet and we will have to disincarnate. The Absolute Existing One that a- bides in the Always Now is the perceiver, the deceiver and the decieved. The perceiver is deceived when perceiving through bodies which it designed. Absolute Time is awareness (existence) itself. Linear time is non-motion existing moments (separate events)seamlessly stacked together in a causal chain.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Paul of Tarsus Revealed pt.1

I'm going to go through the letters of the New Testament attributed to Paul and reveal the true meaning of what he's saying. It's disguised and hidden Law Worship and disguised and hidden disdain for Infinite (Holy) Spirit. Let's start with Romans 1..

  Paul, a slave of Lucifer, called as a spokesman for Satan and his Grand Idea which he promised through other men that had Satan's program, concerning Satan's Christ Counterfeit, who was born of a descendant of David according to the flesh, who was declared the Son of Satan, a raised Pharaoh by the seething energy from the Underworld, according to the Dark Light, Satan our Lord, through whom we have received a reward by way of an oath, to bring about captivity to Baal's Unnatural Law for all Gentiles for His Design's sake, among whom you also are targets for his deceptions; to all who are in league with Satan. Infernal blessing and false peace from Satan and his earthly regent, Lucifer.
  First I thank my sweet Satan through Lucifer for you all, because your loyalty is being proclaimed throughout the whole world.
  For Satan, whom I serve in my spirit in the preaching of this Satanic gospel of His Prince, is my witness as to how unceasingly I make mention of you, always in my prayers making request, if perhaps now at last by the Designs of Satan I may succeed in coming to you.
  For I long to see you so that I may impart some dark giftings to you, that you may be established; that is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the others' loyalties, both yours and mine.
   I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that often I have planned to come to you (and have been prevented so far) so that I may obtain some proof of your brotherhood among you also, even as among the rest of the gentiles.
   I am under direct command both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish.
   So, for my part, I am eager to preach this program to you also who are in Rome.
  For I am proud of my affiliation, for it is the power of Satan to keep us from the Great Cull, the silencing of the lambs.

To Err is Max Planck

A unit of length can never be said to have a minimum value, which is a claim made by Max Planck and accepted as a valid discovery with- in the Consensus Science Industry. If time dilation occurs because an object's velocity is exceeding its natural free fall velocity, length contraction must change also since space and linear time have a relationship that is directly proportional. Any finite distance can be measured by Planck lengths.When length contraction occurs, so would Max Planck's claimed minimum length of distance thereby falsifying his name-sake concept. If velocity reaches the constant, there is absolute zero units of distance. The current theory of spacetime is off the mark due to the reification of linear time is a big mistake, for example. Relatively speaking, night follows day, right? But relative truth is perceptual, not actual. Actually, only earth location is changing. It's always both day and night on earth.

Monday, 14 November 2016

God-Sanctioned Immorality

*You know there's something wrong with your religion if being a fundamentalist in it turns you into an immoral and irrational human being.

1. Considered human babies evil and worthy of drowning.

2. Teaching us not to defend ourselves against physical abuse.

3. Approving sexism by not allowing one gender to do what the other is allowed to do.

4. Approved assassination. What's the difference between what the Holy Spirit does to Ananias and Saphira in the chapter of Acts and me taking a gun, putting a silencer on it, aiming at someone's head who only put 10% of their net earnings in the offering plate instead of their earnings, and taking them out with a squeeze of the trigger?" Then Peter said to her,  'How is it that you have agreed together to test the Spirit of the Lord? Look, the feet of those who have buried your husband are at the door, and they will  carry you out.' Then immediately she fell down at his feet and breathed her last."

5. Esteeming the shed blood of an innocent individual. People young and old sing about how glorious shed blood is in hymns 'Precious Blood of Jesus'.

6. The blood atonement doctrine is immoral because it sanctifies injustice. The innocent pays the consequences for the guilty.

7. The struggle is having a natural will that doesn't conform to a religion's 'oughts'. The 'oughts' have you attempt to resist your will by acting unnaturally.

8. What exactly are we celebrating when we take communion at church? Christ didn't die for us. He was grabbed and treated unmercifully, spit upon, had facial hair torn out, was humiliated and completely desecrated, all done against his expressed will.

9. The 'original sin' doctrine leads to an uncomfortable understanding. If sin separates a person from God and separation means the spirit of a person tainted with original sin has hell reserved for them then babies that never had a chance to sin have to be tortured eternity for something they've never done. If they are forgiven this original sin because of the 'age of accountability' doctrine and go straight to heaven if they die before maturity, that means that abortion doctors are actually saving souls for every successful abortion performed.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Subversive Brain Training

Destroying a religion is destroying a virus infecting the mind.Proof of the irrationality of religion can be easily spotted. Religion says humans are born in sin. Sin is an act. You can't be born in an act. You have to be born in a body. A religious mind-set coincides with a disdain for our material-world existence. This, essentially, is calling God an idiot. This idea imagines God providing us a sensory reality meant to be looked down upon. We're looking down upon the touch of a loved one, a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, outdoor music festivals, etc. There is no music outside the body. That's exclusively a material reality that happens in bodies. We shouldn't let indoctrination destroy our ability to apply thought to these subjects. Indoctrinating one's self can be a never-ending hobby. Why not apply your own thought to what's around you and realize its true nature?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Antikythera Device

One resource I used to research this first topic of the mysterious ‘X’ was Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica. In this book, he cited Freemason Jim Tresnar (who is a well-decorated member of the Garfield Lodge in Oklahoma) and an article from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Journal in which they detail the ‘X’ as a symbol of transformation.
In Freemasonry one must go through various initiation rituals before attaining the next rank in their journey of enlightenment. The 17th degree is conferred upon the initiate and is considered the transformation, or change of the initiate. They cite the crossing of cordons as part of the ritual as a reference of the point in the heavens where the celestial equator crosses the plane of the ecliptic, basically referring to changes made over time. This 17th degree marks the transformation of spiritual power into the Law of Love (which reminds me of occultist Aleister Crowley’s “Love is the law, love under will” saying, and it should also be noted that Crowley’s Star of Babalon serves as the logo for his Thelema system which has the X and O at the top center).
A strange, clocklike mechanism which was found in an Ancient Greek shipwreck and is often described as the ‘world’s first computer’ is even older than was believed, scientists have revealed.
The Antikythera Mechanism was found in an ancient shipwreck in 1901 – and models the entire universe at least as it was known 2,000 years ago, using technologies that seem to have been forgotten after its creation.
Nothing even approaching its level of sophistication is known to have been created for at least 1,000 years after the Antikythera device’s invention.
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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I AM therefore I Think

One should never believe when knowledge is available. Attacking a reasoned argument is a common strategy for defending beliefs against the enemy: the truth. If we profess a belief, we profess ignorance. Let us know what the true nature of reality is. This puts us on solid ground. We then have a foundation for a solid move forward in life. We don't need opinions. We need to know what is actually taking place in contrast with what actually isn't. Love and Truth are neither religions nor denominations. The problem with religious apologetics is its use of well-crafted reasons to bring a convincing impression meant to cause the recipient to acknowledge it as a valid idea. This is the case regardless whether the argument matches the actual situation or not. Beliefs are what we do when we don't know how to live in the here and now. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid else- where. If knowing that believing something doesn't automatically make the belief true, why would one be so committed to it? Beliefs can affect us even if they're untrue ones. We act in a manner that would mimic what we do if those beliefs were true. If we believe we're being chased by a killer, we'll run the same way we'd run being chase by an actual killer.

Believing is self-deceiving. Personalities make no sense without the body because the body represents the personality. Can we realize relying on any belief for our reality model is unwise? Can we, instead, realize what reality is? If we think we understand it, we don't understand it. Understanding comes by way of revelation. Humans, whether theists or atheists, are unbelievers while they're focused on some specific task at work. Belief takes a conscious act of believing in whatever that object of belief is. This is absent when focus is being paid elsewhere. Both theist and atheist know there's some- thing wrong if they see an elderly woman being abused. Both aren't thinking about their respective beliefs during this drama. Is there any difference between the two looking at their physicality (both human)? What was on their minds during the watching of this drama together? Believing means you don't know it to be true. Once you know it to be true, it can no longer be called a belief.

Discovering the truth makes us blessed, not genius. Consistency is the main ingredient in Truth. The truth has come to wrestle the lie to the ground so that world peace can finally abound. Satan represents the enemy of Truth or the Lie Teller. Find the lie and give it a big dose of truth and we'll see it shrivel and rupture in a pathetic episode of defeat. If we want to be proud, be proud of our courage to be authentic. If we don't know the difference between what is and what isn't true, we won't have the sight for wise navigation. When truth confronts lies, sparks fly! Truth is able to slay the most intimidating of lies. Truth gets established by wrestling with the mystery until it tires and gives up its secrets. The Truth said, "I am not of this world. I am from above, you are from below." If this is our world, we are from below and separated from the Truth. The Truth is always angry at lies. If we're not angry at lies, we are one of them. If we fight against the truth we fight against that which sets us free. The man that speaks the truth is irrelevant. The truth that is spoken is what is to be valued. Truth is without meaning and meaning is without truth but will is true. Will desires to make meaning from the meaningless. Truth is always more powerful than a lie. The bolder we are with the truth, the more  easily the lies become casualties. There's only one truth to realize. It doesn't matter when or where we realize it.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Gentile Jesus

I don't think Jesus was a Jew. The Pharisees and Scribes, in John 8, said "We have Abraham as our father" during an altercation, which only makes sense if they're implying Jesus didn't. Jesus said, "your law says". Not "our" law says? Words spoken by Jesus Christ of the New Testament were words of an Enlightened One. When asked, 'What do you say, good Master?' Christ replied, 'Why are you calling me good? Only God is good'. He understood the nature of Infinite Being as expression of good and love itself. If we are good or if we are loving we are proving that our being is that same being. 'Christ' mean 'Anointed One'. The Anointed One is the non-divine being anointed with the Divine. If Jesus knew he wasn't the divine, we should know better than to be worshiping him as God and, instead, realize that infinite divinity (the Father) expresses through that which isn't divine. In Revelation 22:16 it says, 'I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star'. It's well-known that the bright and morning star is Venus.

Jesus was just a regular person like you or I who happened to achieve a state of enlightenment. Jesus must have learned eastern meditation techniques to become enlightened. He was not as the bible portrays but was a Buddha. He brought concepts that never made sense in a Judaical paradigm; 'I am in the Father and the Father is in me' (just like the Yin Yang symbolizes); the finite is in the Infinite, thoughts in Mind. Infinite Being (the Father) uses the personality of the body (the son) to teach truth which is absolute and transcending the brain. This corresponds with Buddha's enlightenment. The Virgin Birth story isn't based on historical events. The only time the historical Jesus shows up in the New Testament is after his enlightenment. In the New Testament, he was forced into the role of the sacrificial lamb. This plot had nothing to do with Jesus' ministry.  His work was to show the world the truth, that it abided inside of each and everyone of us. An example to show us that Jesus was Buddha and not one with Jehovah:

Jesus justice, ’whatsoever you do unto another the same shall be meted out to you (karma)’
Jehovah Justice,’I spew you out of my mouth! To the Lake of Fire with you!’

Thursday, 3 November 2016


The Christian Religion is a religion of men sweating blood instead of sweat and babies with paranormal powers, able to sense the presence of baby-occupied wombs while being in a womb themselves. The biblical text stating that all scripture is God-breathed is strategic in that it causes the religious adherent to seek their guidance from words in a book rather than being taught by the Spirit of Truth which resides within all of us if we only had the ears to hear. An illusion of estrangement can be accomplished by demarcating our soul from the Divine. A cure can then be offered to remedy the situation. It then doubles as a profitable product. The struggle is having a natural will that doesn't conform to a religion's 'oughts'. The 'oughts' have us attempt to resist our will by acting unnaturally.

Though the members of Islam are quick to cry foul over the atheist's rejection of their faith, naysayers are more than justified in denouncing a religious practice that puts women's lives in jeapordy. There is real concern for women being vulnerable to a drowning death, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. With all that loose black material they are forced to wear, it would only need to get snagged on the coral. Hope is disguised doubt. Religion is hi-jacking the Divine for purposes of control. Religion places emphasis on 'getting from God'. This isn't divine design. The correct understanding is to see oneself as a vessel or conduit of the Infinite Self. It can then manifest through the body to change the world into better representation of our divine nature. Community life and love and happiness and freedom happen in a reality like this one, not in a spiritual world that is described in the bible. 'Heaven' is just a carrot on the end of a stick.

The people Jesus put in the dog house were the do-gooders, not the slackers; the good son in the prodigal son story;  Martha, in the Martha and Mary story; the Pharisees and Sadducees(worshipers of the law), not the wedding guests singing and drinking wine. The Torah is the Book of the Law and the Law is called a curse in the NT. The Torah would then rightly mean, 'Book of Curses'. How is punishing an innocent party instead of the guilty one satisfying justice rather than compounding injustice? For church folk being super-sensitive to Satanic activity, it's a wonder they never pick up the vibe in their church services. People young and old sing about how glorious shed blood is. The Holy Spirit should be brought up on assassination charges. He did hits on folks that told fibs to avoid the church extortion of their worldly goods.Was the test given to Abraham fair to Isaac?

Pull out the only value that religions employ, namely, the Golden Rule, and leave the rest to become a historical relic. Atheism is a rejection of both fa- bles and the truth but there really isn't any such thing as an atheist. There are theists who have a Creator named "I Don't Know" According to Special Relativity there is only one True Location putting Heaven and Hell in the same spot. Our Original Being is interested in crea- tive freedom, not our conformity to standards. The 'Noah and the Ark' story didn't happen. Noah heard a voice coming out of the sky. God is within us, not outside of us.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


What explains causation itself? If information wasn't ordered and properly proportioned, spacetime reality wouldn't allow the kind of ex- periences we're having. Could we enjoy a movie if the speed of the movie frames kept changing or the distances and directions in the mo- vie environment wouldn't stay consistent? It would be impossible to follow or make any sense or meaning. We can generate thoughts and dreams and ideas. Mind is our candidate for the one responsible for generating fixed information. There is only one Perceiver being that it isn't material and can't exist in spacetime. The color "yellow", for example, is information.  It doesn't matter which brain is processing that information, it will still be interpreted the same way. We can put the same dvd in numerous dvd players and we'll always have that one movie being played. Information is real but not dimensional in format. All events are part of one complete causal chain. They had to come into existence complete. It is being in a reference frame that gives us the illusion the future is yet to be built. The nervous system is an in- formation highway.  It brings the universe in its information state to the brain so that it can be represented in a dimensional form conducive to a spacetime reality. This means the one perceiving this reality (us) preceeds the universe that evolution is said to have produced us. That is what the wave/partical duality is all about. The actual universe is in a information state (waves) which gets represented dimensionally with particles described by that information. It is then built by the brain. If Mind is in the potential state with all possibilities of all combin- ations of all properties and values between zero and infinity, taking the right ratio/proportions of whatever possible property is at Mind's disposal could be "written" for actualization via virtuality. There would be:

finite values between zero and infinity for space
finite values between zero and infinity for time
finite values between zero and infinity for mass
finite values between zero and infinity for velocity