Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Living in the Past

Living in the past or the future is living outside of spacetime. The future is present to those who happen to be in those future events. Life itself is existence itself and existence is Always Now Always Here so in order to live a life (a history and a future) we have to be in an illusory reality. For the second hand on our watch to change from one location to the location that would imply a second's time has gone by, that hand has to be in a number of non-motion events seamed together. Life and non-life are in different states. Life is the Always Now and non-life is in the perceptual spacetime reality with a linear time arrow. Mortal never equals immortal but outside the body all events are in the Always Now. In the body, the future hasn't happened yet and we will have to disincarnate. The Absolute Existing One that a- bides in the Always Now is the perceiver, the deceiver and the decieved. The perceiver is deceived when perceiving through bodies which it designed. Absolute Time is awareness (existence) itself. Linear time is non-motion existing moments (separate events)seamlessly stacked together in a causal chain.

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