Friday, 18 November 2016

Applying Thought

Allowing our self to be spoon-fed theories is a way to give up our divine ability to apply thought to all the phenomena around us. Realizing the true nature of reality will never happen unless we ponder what all of this is about using the question as a tool for discovery. Was the Big Bang responsible for light? If so, how so? Why does light have such a variety of spectrum? If nothing doesn't exist, why are particles observed popping out of nothing? If our solar system is hurling through space, how do we avoid collision? How is a photon particle in its wave form able to stretch any length with no seeming loss as is observed by stretching mass objects? We have to understand what reality is before we understand why particles pop in and out of existence.

Every dimensional event is a non-motion event. What we consider to be the natural free fall velocity of mass objects is really the frame-rate speed at which the Subject is passing through the frames. Those particles popping in and out of existence is perceiving one non-motion event leaving and another one appearing. Does spacetime have to come as one set, inseparable? That only happens if the distance is being traveled. Since traveling doesn't create the distance, it is a timeless property when there isn't any travel involved. Space and time are only directly correlated if that distance is being traveled. There is no linear time involvement in a dimensional material event with distance in it. Only material can expand (particles in the object move farther apart). Space hasn't the property for expansion.

Chaos happens when dissolution happens which is determined by giving longevity values. Science is right about the values they put in place of the variables but they failed to add them up. If a photon has zero rest mass and needs to have infinite mass to go the speed of light, we discover the true nature of zero: zero is identical to infinity. In a determined causal chain, the chances of something happening can only be 0% or 100%, nothing in between.

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