Tuesday, 15 November 2016

To Err is Max Planck

A unit of length can never be said to have a minimum value, which is a claim made by Max Planck and accepted as a valid discovery with- in the Consensus Science Industry. If time dilation occurs because an object's velocity is exceeding its natural free fall velocity, length contraction must change also since space and linear time have a relationship that is directly proportional. Any finite distance can be measured by Planck lengths.When length contraction occurs, so would Max Planck's claimed minimum length of distance thereby falsifying his name-sake concept. If velocity reaches the constant, there is absolute zero units of distance. The current theory of spacetime is off the mark due to the reification of linear time is a big mistake, for example. Relatively speaking, night follows day, right? But relative truth is perceptual, not actual. Actually, only earth location is changing. It's always both day and night on earth.

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