Monday, 21 November 2016

Time as Appearance

Time works the same way as space. It is never limited but made to appear that way. Infinite time is measureless. Being on a planet with seasons and a sun and a moon and clocks (or) watches makes us unaware that we are always in infinite time. Linear time is an illusion built with a lot of stage props to make it work. Dimensional existence is an illusion. All that time really is is the Always Now (absolute time Linear time is an illusion. Past and future is perception relative to where our body happens to be in the causal chain of events. Time transcends all events which are in a causal circle. That way no event can be seen to be before or after another one unless a pov steps into a specific event (entering linear time via a body). We measure time by perceiving the sequence in a causal chain. We can only do that if our pov is in one event. When not incarnated in a body the pov is outside one particular event. Absolute time is the pov where every event is in the present moment. Linear time happens when the pov is in only one event and the causal chain is perceived to leave the current moment. There is anticipation of an event resulting from the experience of causality. In order to experience linear time one has to perceive an object travel a distance. This is the cause of a time interval (relative time).

It's possible that one can enter a future event if one could transcend linear time reality because all events are already preserved in the infinite state. The reason this subject is misunderstood is that there is the belief that infinite time is linear and it isn't. Time doesn't begin or end. Time happens when conditions are met. Perceiving through the body (sensory/brain) is the condition for being in linear time reality. If an object is perceived moving a distance (which can only hap- pen within a relative reference frame,i.e., a body) then an awareness of past and future events being in a sequence formation can happen. The singularity is both massless and infinite mass: the exact same thing. Singularity: single location. Time stops at the speed of light and since linear time and spacial distance have direct correlation, where linear time stops, spacial distance disappears. The only way to make a linear time correlation with spacial distance is by traveling that distance, being an object with a velocity. Otherwise, there is no linear time connected to spacial distance which means there are no galaxies that we are seeing in the past. There is no direct correlation with linear time and spacial distance without an object traveling that distance (travel needs a stack of multi-events::non-travel doesn't). A time dimension needs more than one event. Only one event means no time dimension.

Will is timeless and spaceless. In order for something to have temporary existence, it has to have location coordinates in space. Nothing exists in spacetime. It's called space and time.

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