Friday, 25 November 2016

The Stuff of Thoughts

Thought imagery can be cause in a variety of ways. It can be done by recreations of events we've previously experienced. It can be distortions of these experiences by way of self intention or the intention of others or unintended effects caused by perceiving actualized information. A dream is a potential reality with values for its various qualities in flux to the whims of the mind. Actualized spacetime reality has values or ratios for spacetime phenomena permanently defined. They are not accessible for alteration by the mind. The math is the environment when not perceived. The math doesn't have perception ability. Two phenomena are deduced, namely, a Perceiver and the perceived. There is only Energy and mass. One must be the Perceiver while the other must be the perceived. The environment is virtual spacetime. Absolute existence is bereft of it. The more attuned to now in any given event and the degree of interest is sparked in that event determines how long and how detailed we can rebuild representation of that event. Rebuilding happens in the present. Stored memories aren't being retrieved.

Do we have a motive for the creation of a virtual spacetime reality? The Perceiver or Infinite Mind can fathom all potentiality which would include what could be experienced if space and time were a reality. Infinite Mind, with mathematical definitions and set finite values has there wherewithal to create a spacetime reality for experiencing what cannot be experienced in an Undefined Infinite Timeless Spaceless state. One would predict that it would do the very same.

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