Thursday, 17 November 2016

Is Everybody Here?

There's only one HERE. The Locationless Location, the Shoreless Shore. My HERE is not your HERE Which is a nature with no ability to write co-ordinates for. Co-ordinates are how one can determine it to be a location in time and space. If Absolute existence is non-motion why do we see stuff move? I call it a point of awareness that sits still while the event chain moves past it at a velocity that makes the motion of reality's objects believable. How is movement achieved? By an object changing location. How can that happen if there's only one location? There is only one location at the constant. Relative spacetime is the place of the many locations and relativity is a perceptual state. There is only two states. Spacetime with three spacial dimensions - one linear time dimension -AND- the dimensionless/infinite-dimension state which is outside time and space. There is no third option.

A frame of reference is on the causal chain. Not at the constant. Light is at every location in the universe making it something having no frame of reference. Frames put an object at a specific local set of coordinates, x, y, z and t. Light is at every location in the universe. That isn't what an object in a frame of reference does. Frames put the object at a location specified by a set of local coordinates, x, y, z and t. I can dismiss someone telling me space can move if movement is when something changes location and space has no location.

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