Friday, 29 July 2016

Yin and Yang

Nothing is the Cause of all somethings.

There are two states of reality

constant c (STATE 1)

Infinite state
Potential state

below constant (STATE 2)
Finite state
Actualized state

The Tao is the true symbol of our two state reality:

The Nothing and the Something
The Creator and the Created
The Being and the body
The Undefined and the defined
The illuminator of objects and the objects
The Mind and the thought
The Inifinite and the finite
The Yin and the Yang

The micro exists by way of generation from the Macro.
There wouldn't be finite distances if Infinite Space wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be linear time if Absolute Time, the Always Now wasn't Reality.

There wouldn't be imperfect wills if Divine Will wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be conditional love if Unconditional Love wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be flawed reasoning if Perfect Reason wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be egos (mini-creators) if the Macro Creator wasn't Reality.
There wouldn't be finite existence if Infinite Existence wasn't Reality.

Space, time, mass and velocity are all perceptually dependent.

Objective reality is this:

Infinite space = No space
Infinite time = No time
Infinite mass = No mass
Infinite velocity = No velocity

We could put one state on one side of a coin and the other state on the other side and call that coin our two-state reality:

Energy - mass
Mind - thought
Yin - yang
Infinite - finite
Limitless - limited
Being - non-Being
Absolute - relative
Unconditioned - conditioned
Creator - created
White - black
Circle - straight line
One - many
Always Now - past-present-future
The Transcendent - duality

Many claim that matter and energy are the same property. It's important to realize that they are opposites. If they were the same, you could mold me a ball of space, mold me a ball of light, mold me a ball of energy, mold me a ball of love or mold me a ball of will:

- infinite
- undefined
- motionless
- non-spacial
- atemporal
- medium

- finite
- defined
- has velocity
- dimensional (spacial)
- in linear time
- disturbance (information)

Agent and the caused don't share states:
The Causer and the caused;
The Definer and the defined;
The Creator and the created;
The Perceiver and the perceived.

Subject and Object don't share the same state:
Subject (outside linear time and spacial distance)
Object  (inside linear time and spacial distance)
Subjects create objects. If we were created then we have a beginning. "I am Always Now".

One state is dimensional, the other isn't.

1. The four-dimensional space-time which is perceptually dependent.

2. The dimensionless or Potential State, the place where all properties are valueless (zero or infinite).

The Unseen exists:

-Time    (Always Now)
-Space   (distance between objects)
-Light    (you can only see what it illuminates, you can't see light itself)
-Mind    (you can see thoughts but not where thoughts are projected)
-Being   (you can see what Being animates but not Being Itself)
-Energy (how much does a cup of Energy weigh?)

The World's social engineers have robbed us of the unseens state that the seen state proceeds from. This is what they left us with:

 - the natural
 - the finite
 - the defined
 - the limited
 - the created

This is what they kept from us:

 - the Supernatural
 - the Infinite
 - the Undefined
 - The Limitless
 - The Creator

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