Thursday, 28 July 2016


Skepticism is valued among the science literate. Have you ever doubted that light can tell your brain what objects your eyes are looking at? The Key to understanding our spacetime reality is the maxim: "As Above, So Below". The "below" is your mind and the "Above" is Light. They make direct correlations. There hath been no greater trick performed than to form that which is formless. The Bible makes the claim that God formed the light. There are no light years. We can tell how fast light goes by watching how fast rainbows move. Light, which reveals the surfaces of objects, is caused by a change but the light itself doesn't change. It's like the rainbow. The rainbow doesn't change but the rain drops allow it to appear. The only way perception can take place is for information to be converted into particle-based objects (dimensional). Light can only illuminate dimensional objects. Darkness is simply not having illuminated objects in our awareness. The presence of light can only be observed when it's illuminating the surface of an object.  Non-motion has no way to vary.In spacetime reality, darkness happens when no objects with surfaces can be landed upon by light. No surfaces means no light. Darkness is the lack of a location and location will always be illuminated. If it isn't, your brain isn't processing that location. There is no light in space.Why doesn't light have an acceleration rate? If color in a rainbow is light, how fast is it going? Light is constant. What is the acceleration rate of non- motion? Nothing is in stasis. Always. How much mass (thing) does light have?

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