Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Ego

There isn't anything wrong with ego reality. Unrealization was purposed. An ego is entertainment for the ego-Owner, our True Self. Space- time was made so "I" could be different. Religions always preach the evils of being selfish. The purpose of the self is to be a self, not self-less. We only need to be careful not to let the ego take credit for anything. This keeps us from getting ego trapped. Detachment comes from realizing we aren't the owner but an experiencer. The owner is an ego. Believing our self as the owner is an ego trap. Depression comes from being trapped in our body-personalities. When we're free from the trap, we're free from depression. Anti-depressants are for people who think about themselves. When ego thinks it's the source of good, it becomes false light. To borrow from the bible, if our light be dark, how great is that darkness. The Sun represents our Original Nature (Pure Infinite Being).The moon represents our conceptual self or that which reflects Being. The more awareness we achieve, the fuller the moon becomes. Ones who are completely trapped in ego are represented by the new moon (the phase absent of all light).


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