Wednesday, 19 April 2017

“Help! I’ve Fallen!”

Once upon a dream we dwelt under blue skies in the Land of the Everhigh. Then into the Garden came the spider. “I'm here for you and when I'm through, you can open up your eyes to see that your world's on fire and the Pyro-Liar is still grinning at you with a burnt match in his hand.”

Those who were told they could tame the sun so that they shine as immortals will, one day, be crying for all those that burned because of their cleverness.
When into the parlour comes the slider, the wise one says, “No!”.
Falling's easy but once fallen, rising will never be. So we must rise together. And so we set on making the disharmonic a harmonic symphony, see? If we cry as one, the tears that fall can kill the fire and keep everyone from that Love-H8er.

There was once a time when only God had fire. The moon and stars lead us through the night. One must have come here to hide the flame. Superstition is used to cloak the bars, arm yourselves with hack saws. There's a corner of the mind with a door that always opens up at sundown. What's inside is to remind you to hide from eyes that shine. We keep running until we find we have the power to illuminate the world.

Open the bible and turn to Page One: “Beware, you've found the answer.”
Page Two: “I wish that you were dead.”

They found me lying naked in the rain. Here I go again…from the start to the end. Amnesia keeping me from remembering how I did this before. Another spell can take me straight to Hell. The words, “Oh Lord, please take me with you” took him to a place we don't belong. If your fire's dying, I may know another place that you can go. It's hiding in the pages…

Thunder and lightning and electric machines are the devils that shout in your dreams. Friendly confusion like nothing you've seen. These are the demons that shout in your dreams
You fell from grace and slammed to the ground and yet you beg for more of the same. He'll come to you, but like the wind he's here today then gone away. His lie can blind you. There are perfect strangers in the dark waiting for their lives to start. He was born to be angry; a fire that just burned cold. You knew you should keep away. We measure in time and then we find the mountains we climb were just pretend!

The Lie: “You'll be rich you'll be golden. Just sign on the dotted line (no need to read the rules)!”
“Here comes another…you're empty and we're finished with you…on to the next one… I'm sure you've never had this meal before. We're still open stay and have some more. It's been raised upon your body and your soul (total control). Don't close your eyes. We'll come while you're sleeping… If you want to know where I've been hiding all these years, follow the tears…”
(Strange brew! Kill what’s inside of you)

And then the child, strange free and wild…the picture of the mother. The same cold eyes, the same old lies…the same as one another. Together they wait for the witching hour, feeling the heat and the push of power. The hand that rocks the cradle in the morning could be lurking round the corner with a gun before you take the time to say, “I'm sorry!” Remember where she's been and all the misery she's done.

Before the fall, we were only dancers. Angels gliding over the floor. Time stood still and we were sure of the answers. We waited but some wanted more. High above this world we had it all. No one seemed to care when evil came to call. It was then we became acquainted with temptation. We sinned
and then he closed the door. We thought we’d never be able to come back again but One from Above came for a set captives free if they’d only listen to the words:

“He that seeks to save his life shall lose it. He that lays down his life for my sake, shall save it.”

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