Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Angels and Devils

Our basis of Heaven lies in front of us our whole lives and yet we never open that door. We all contain a Heaven and a Hell..all we need to do is find them. Beings above, as is their nature to love, act as spiritual magnets influencing us homeward. Beings below, as is their nature to malign, act as spiritual magnets...leading you farther into the forests of the lost.

It can never be said that Heaven is outside anyone. Unless Heaven is within an individual, nothing of Heaven that is outside of the individual can flow in and be accepted. Our outer reflections perceived show us our inner state of being. Heaven and Hell states are cultivated into either gardens or wastelands. Heaven is when we are being Heaven and Heaven is Agent Giver, lacking nothing and offering everything to all the other members in the Macro-Body so that this humanity becomes a healed and harmonious whole. Hell is when we are being Hell and Hell is Agent taker, lacking everything and offering nothing to all the other members of the Macro-Body so that humanity becomes a sick and discordant mess.

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