Friday, 7 April 2017

“There’s the Door, use it.”

There are no such thing as “dark forces.” There is only light, and various gradations of light. When there is very little light, we say it is dark. So-called dark forces are groups of souls that have very little light. Why? Because they have denied it in themselves, either consciously or unconsciously. This is not to say that such dimly lit souls cannot wreak incredible havoc; indeed they have for millions of years. They live in a world of illusions, spun by dreams of fear and hate, but as long as they believe in this nightmare, the nightmare will continue, albeit in one form or another.
There is some information going around that suggests that a negative "alternate universe" is snatching energy from our own universe, and that the dark souls are really beings from this alternate universe. Regardless of whether or not this is true, the solution is ALWAYS to increase our self-awareness and dispel ignorance and fear within ourselves so we can embrace more of God's Loving Light.
For the sake of simplicity, we will call these souls “negative entities.” These entities cannot exist without some light, but because they believe they have little or none of their own, darkness becomes their reality. Seeing darkness, yet needing light (as all creations do), their modus operandi is to take light from others. It seems entities can temporarily elevate themselves by snatching energy from others. However, the universe operates under the law of conservation of energy. Since there is infinite energy available, no energy is ever really lost or gained. As we raise our awareness, we tap into the infinite energy field more and more. Therefore, if we raise our awareness high enough, negative entities cannot possibly snatch energy from us because there is an infinite flow through us at all times.
The so-called dark forces exist because we give them power. If we deny their existence, we inadvertently give them power. This is because denial of anything means denial of light, because light is everything. When we are in denial, we enter a lower level of light and are therefore susceptible to energy-snatching by negative entities. By shining our inner light on the illusory nature of negativity, the entities are dispelled. This is because they either absorb the light of our awareness and move out of negativity, or they recoil from us because the light overwhelms them and they are choosing to remain in darkness.
If enough people raise their awareness beyond the 4th dimension, the negative entities will be forced to find another planet more suited to their macabre tastes.

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