Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Serpent Men

There is a relatively rich awareness of the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones due to its success in weaving itself into the easily corruptible nature of Mankind and its ability to reach into our Universe and operate within our reality – in human guise – without the need for rendering ceremonies that act as implements puncturing the Quantisphere. When the stars are right it can be called through… from beyond…
The serpent people worship a god known as the Great Serpent. These creatures have the bodies of giant serpents and the heads of human beings. Their empire was based on sorcery and alchemy, but collapsed with the rise of the dinosaurs about 225 million years ago during the Triassic era. The Serpent Men originally ruled over humans in Valusia but were defeated and almost wiped out in humanity's battle for survival against the "elder things" that predated them.

They could shift their form to appear human. They would presumably be unable to maintain this transformation in the presence of the words "Ka nama kaa lajerama," which exposed their serpent natures. The Serpent Men, one of the few surviving "elder things", infiltrated human society and ruled from behind the scenes for a time but were again discovered, defeated and cast out in a secret war.

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