Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Power of Ideas

The amount of energy that a simple idea can generate is unrivaled.
First, what does ‘activation of the human body’ mean? Metaphors can be used such as, “coming online”, “awakening”, “piercing the veil”, “being reborn”, “ascending into higher vibration”.
Just realize that everything you have become was based on a big fat lie. Activation is the grace and bliss awaiting a soul after a complete deprogramming of matrix-based constructs. The collapsing of a whole world created out of ignorance and the reconstruction of a new one by the creator you have acknowledged in yourself, the eternal and sovereign soul.
This new world is the one you may have heard prophesied about, and will come about for everyone as soon as enough souls have reached this unavoidable conclusion: the realization that we are above the control of the control setup of what has kept reality as it is (i.e., a tape that’s been stuck for thousands of years).
We are remembering that we are the creators of everything, of even all the gods ever worshiped that are kept alive to this day by astral energy in the astral plane, seeking more devotees, more slaves. These gods now find themselves in a predicament where they will slowly lose all power in the form of fear given off by the ignorant seeking salvation outside themselves.


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