Saturday, 15 April 2017


Let me begin
By saying this first..
Never again
Shall befall you a curse.
For there shall be
Again no more laws
That bite with their teeth
Or rip with their claws.
It is only befitting
And certainly right
That never again
Shall we dwell in the night.
To those of whom
The Angel of Light swoon,
Never again
Is that hovering moon.
Rewards are given
According to works;
Never received
By what we believed.
Blessings are yours
By choices you made
According to order
Divinity laid.
Outside the gates
Of our Garden Eden
Are those magicians
Missing out summer's season
Who did work their magick.
Playing God with no reason,
Causing blight on their futures
For acts of their treason.
They made up their own rules
Of what's right and what's wrong
Ended as fools.
Singing a long sad swansong.
Those who murdered
To save their own skins
Who made idols of selves
Died in their sins.
Those who loved
The lies that they made
Were the lies that kept them
Being graciously saved.

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