Friday, 7 April 2017

Hypnotizing Boogie

Very few of us have resolved our emotional and psychological issues sufficiently to be completely free of the Illuminati influence. Once we identify our personal issues that keep us hypnotized by maya, we must begin the arduous process of disentangling ourselves. This is almost impossible to do without help from on high. We need groups of souls, both in the higher realms and on Earth committed to spiritual freedom to serve as reminders when we fall back asleep.
We are not being told the whole story in the media regarding UFOs and ETs, the economy, the environment, or most anything else. Keeping the masses ignorant is the main way they stay in power. Denial breeds darkness.
There are only two ways a negative idol (illusory self) worshiping being can keep you from moving forward into your natural state of perfection:
(1) You give them permission by consciously or unconsciously indulging in negativity for whatever reason (out of habit, due to fascination, or to learn something); and
(2) You are ignorant or unaware of the idol (illusory self) worshiping being.
It really doesn't matter who is sitting in the president’s or prime minister’s chair. It's all Illuminati, and it will be until enough of us wake up and smell the dead rat in the closet.


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