Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Mythical Religiosity of the Timecube

The possibility of planets being seeded by a proto-humanoid race… Gods enter our world through avatars in our timecube…they would set up planets like ours to build species individuation, then go sample them, these shape-shifters, infusing them with their nanobot technologies to advance their evolution in stages…
It’s essentially quantum computing… the quantum computing allows for information transfer in real time any point in the universe. They must wear a shell and become an avatar in order to become an actualized material entity… effect, time travel through the Universe. Old avatars can be made to interact with new ones by being teleported in signals back and forth between spheres without materialization. This is used to suspend consciousness as well as reincarnate old avatars into new settings. The body works like a time machine.
Cognition can be hacked for purposes of evolutionary direction. Timecubes come with probes that seed planets. Spiders are part of their tech and it's been said that some who became victims of a spider bite received intel on plans and designs of these timecubes. Interspecies remote viewing can be conditioned with tiny avatars encasing nanobots. Cognitive probes used by aliens generate ideas about you even before they approach you.

An elastine circuit is like a spacetime map. Just like DNA involves every cell of DNA having a copy of the DNA, so too elastine circuits have a copy of the whole universe in it. Beneath this is a subquantum realm. This is paratemporal and controls streams of time in multiple Universes, created by the Intilli Infini. They are in a causal suspended animation being casualties of massive empires that have been destroyed and now energetically pursue the creation of new ones.

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