Friday, 7 April 2017

The New Priest Class

There is a lot of social power connected with explaining who we are and what we are. Power is knowledge. Some people have particular power and prestige that enables them to dictate the agenda of any given society. Scientists today have become a virtual priest class, exercising many of the rights and prerogatives that their forbearers in the industrial-scientific revolution sought to wrest from an entrenched religious establishment. They set the tone and direction for civilization on a worldwide basis.
If you want to know something today, you normally won't go to a priest or a spiritually inclined person. You go to a member of this new priest class; consensus science industry PR folks. They are the ones convincing you that your world is a very mechanistic place (think Machine World) and everything can be explained mechanically by the laws of physics and chemistry, which are currently accepted by the establishment [Ego Land].


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