Thursday, 13 April 2017

Infected by the Venom

“Venom invaded the blood in my veins
Injected Damnosis Will cogitates—
It’s being transferred to the humans..”
Incinerating hands of the Angel that touched your face, the scorching scars have left an everlasting visual trace..
If one guy's color and the others don't mix they're gonna bash it up, bash it up, bash it up, bash it up.. If you're under 18 you won't be doing any time. So what happens if you are 18 or over? Hm?
By the time we hear the martial law sirens go off it's already too late.
One goes to the morgue and the other to jail.
On the Wheel of Eternal Occurrence it goes down the same as one thousand
times before.. No one’s getting smarter, no one’s learning the score.
“Sing out Hare Hare, dance the Hoochie Koo as we go sliding... sliding... sliding through.”
Do you wake up on your own and wonder where you are? You live with all your faults. Don't you love the life you killed? Your father hit the wall and your mother disowned you. Will you ever figure out what it means to be a man?
Time to break through the surface on which we built our own lies. You've fooled the world one more time, Slew Foot. And now that we see with open eyes, we know that every small Alice has to grow tall. You ain't never been caught.. you ain't never been treed. Some folks say you look a lot like me. We'll chase you up the gully then we'll run you in the well and shoot you in the bottom just to listen to you yell!
Done got tired of payin' dues. I say ‘goodbye!’ to all my blues..


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