Friday, 7 April 2017

The Miraculous Catch of Fish

The miraculous catch of fish or more traditionally the Miraculous Draught of Fish/es, is either of two miracles attributed to Jesus in the Canonical gospels. The miracles are reported as taking place years apart from each other, but in both miracles apostles are fishing unsuccessfully in the Sea of Galilee when Jesus tells them to try one more cast of the net, at which they are rewarded with a great catch (or "draught", as in "haul" or "weight"). Either is thus sometimes called a "miraculous draught of fish".
We learned about the 153 fish in the net as children in school:
"Here is the Church.
Here is the Steeple.
Open the doors
and see all the people."
Religious indoctrination is the net that catches all the fish and the fishermen are the Elders of the Ninth Circle: 1+5+3=9
Another angle is the 'Power of the Pussy' to trap men into a domestic life so that they are too busy with the mundane to reach their spiritual potentials, thus becoming caught in matrimony.

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