Wednesday, 19 October 2016


'Force' is a measurement (a finite value) when an object's mass-weight is being accelerated from its natural free fall velocity to zero units of speed. We have both cause-and-effect and an experiencer experiencing the experience: force. The experience is outside of linear time and requires no distance (space-time) and is, therefore, outside of our universe. It's said that during the earth's tidal change the moon's gravity is responsible for 'lifting' the oceans. If this were the case, we would see this same effect observing the fresh water great lakes. There is a world-wide belief that tidal changes are due to the moon's gravitational pull but there is a failure to take into account that not one other phenomena on our planet gets attention from this supposed gravity effect. Consensus science decided to totally disregard Newton's equation for force (f=ma). Mass objects can be found with velocity and a force measurement when mass objects are accelerated by other mass objects but we haven't located a source for a gravity force.

A lot of the observations made when looking into outer space aren't taking any account for perceptual distortion that happens when reference frames have been changed. Newton told us what produces force (f=ma). We know that all mass objects have weight.  Anything with weight will free fall in space. We don't need gravitational pull by the earth to hold us to its surface. All the earth has to do is resist our falling mass and a force will register. Acceleration happens when the natural velocity of an object is either resisted or pushed (a force that causes a change in velocity). When a person jumps off a balcony of a high rise building, they're removing the resistance to their natural velocity (all mass bodies have a natural velocity). They then de-accelerate until reacceleration takes place (when contact is made with the ground below). If gravity is a force then it has to be the result of a mass being accelerated by another mass. The earth is accelerating our bodies by resisting its natural velocity inherent in all mass objects. If we remove the resistance, the mass object will de-accelerate and again find its natural velocity (free fall speed). The reasons for the effect is explained in various theories. This view adheres to Newton's equation for force while no other gravity theories do.  As a unit of linear time (the minute, for example) has no inherent existence (we could have chosen to make minutes 100 seconds instead of 60 if we all agreed on the change), neither does a unit of force. These terms help us communicate ideas but they don't actually exist. Energy can never be said to actually be so many units.


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