Thursday, 6 October 2016


Nothing is the Cause of all somethings. When Infinite Energy becomes finite, it becomes mass. When the Undifferentiated becomes differentiated, it becomes information. When the Flux becomes limited, it becomes stasis. When the Subject becomes mortal, it becomes object (a body::identification with name n' form). Identification comes from the form we perceive we're perceiving out of, the environment this form is in, and the feedback we get from others when they are speaking about the form we perceive ourselves perceiving out of. "What separates man from beast?" We are creators. Animals are born with a pre-set instincts and don't move from there. We are different from other species, but foxes are different from tuna. Having one umbrella labeled ANIMAL doesn't do justice to the incredible variety of life forms.

Our intelligence is not from the brain. Our intelligence is the designer of the brain. The Infinite "I" has no personality and no body but has everything we have that isn't name-and-form. The "I" isn't in an event because once the I is in many locations it becomes "we" which is the reality of many events in Now looking like 'already" and 'not yet' from any one of these particular events. The "I" exists out- side the body, but it's nameless and formless intelligent will. Meaning is subjective creation and evidence that we are creators not bodies (creation).The difference between you (person who claims to be their body) and me, is I'm Subject, and Subject owns object (body). You are object (body) with no owner. Since you, as object, have no owner, I can claim that object and own that object and now I will choose to own you, Mr. object. Our loved ones are bodies. Once the body dies, our loved one dies. People are bodies, not out-of-bodies.

We can't be crazy but our ego can deviate from our Original Nature which can, if the deviation is great enough, be perceived as CRAZY. If we do something that most people consider an unpleasant experience, we're seen as crazy. Why? Because Original Nature seeks the pleasant and avoids the unpleasant. A state of well-being is common place for those who volunteer their time to be of service to others. Why? That's being in the right direction: outflow. People are trained from early childhood to be intake manifolds sucking like hoovers for their contentments and satiations. It's the inverse of being: living as inflow tubes on two feet. Why would someone hurt themselves? The "I" has ideas for its name-and-form (ego) but because natural will, willing through this body, stepped out-of-bounds, the "I" wants to punish it.

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