Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Something from Nothing

Space is nothing;
Time is nothing;
Velocity is nothing;
Light is nothing;
Energy is nothing;
Mind is nothing;
Subject is nothing;
Love is nothing;
Hate is nothing;
Creator is nothing;
The Perceiver is nothing;
The Undefined is nothing;
The Unlimited is nothing;
Infinity is nothing;
Infinite I is nothing.

Distance is something;
The past is something;
The future is something;
A speed limit is something;
Lamps are something;
Mass is something;
Thought is something;
Object is something;
Body is something;
Creation is something;
Creatures are something;
The perceived is something;
Definitions are something;
Information is something;
Limit is something;
The finite is something;
'we' is something.

Can condition the existence of objects;
Distance and velocity
Can condition the motion of objects;
Location and electrons
Can condition perception of objects
And non-perception of objects;
Energy and bodies
Can condition bodily animation;
Mind and thought
Can condition ideas and images;
Subject and subject
Can condition relationship;
Love and body
Can condition sexual intimacy;
Creator and creation
Can condition the Tao;
Perceiver and perceived
Can condition the change of mind states;
Perceiver and perceived
Can condition experience;
Infinity and the finite
Can condition spacetime reality.

The finite proceeds from the infinite;
Finite mind proceeds from infinite mind;
Duality proceeds from the transcendence;
The defined proceeds from the undefined;
Distance proceeds from infinite space;
Linear time proceeds from absolute time;
Mass proceeds from energy;
Finite speed proceeds from infinite velocity;
Personalities proceed from personal energy;
Individual will proceeds from original will.


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