Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spacetime Fabric

The Consensus Science Industry shows us models where mass objects are pressing into spacetime fabric. They also claim that an object will fall in one direction because of gravity. I see a problem. Do you? The direction of the object's fall was there before pressing into the fabric and causing gravity. Before gravity can be created, a sphere-shaped object would be pressing omnidirectionally. To do so would be the same as NOT PRESSING AT ALL. Special Relativity is a theory based on making an observation but making an incorrect conclusion. It purports to discover time dilation or the slowing down of time from an outside observer looking at an object exceeding its terminal velocity. Time isn't dilating, the causal event chain is seen at a slower frame rate. The natural velocity is where a mass object in space has a value of 0 for force, evidenced by our experience of weightlessness when we're at terminal velocity. When it's accelerated to 0, we get 100% of that mass object's force potential.

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