Sunday, 30 October 2016

Big Bust

A Big Bang event needs a time to happen at and a place to happen in. The Big Bang Theory which posits common origin for all galaxies is not a valid theory. What would be our observations of galaxies if they originated independently of one another? The universe is mathematical and math is ordered information. Big Bangs have no way of having mathematical definitions and virtual particle placement coordinates proceed from it. Scientists discovered that light can create matter. Are we going to claim two origins for matter? We're taught that all those galaxies sprang from a Big Bang event but this is incorrect. Every galaxy is its own universe with its own black hole. Is our universe one of many? There are as many universes as there are galaxies. All galaxies have their own black hole which is their point of origin. All material universes should be just as visible to us as our own. A void cannot be more than one. A black hole is a singularity with spacetime coming out in a cone-shape. All events are on the other end of the cone as a circle and no matter where we dissect the cone, the cone will look the same. Size is relative. There wouldn't be any difference to the cone regardless of where the dissection took place.

The singularity is the absolute state where space is contracted to the one true location or where 'I' lives and the event horizon (black hole) is the other side of the cone where the one location is superpositioned into a myriad of locations and allows for perceptual reality including motion, linear time and distance. At the apex of the black hole is the one true location, the singularity where time stops, space comes to a single point, velocity reaches non-motion and mass is both infinite and zero (no limit). It cones out from that point which is why we see radiation's vector going out from that one single point. Gravitation is told to us by the Consensus Science Industry that black holes are the greatest concentration of this gravitational force and can even keep light from escaping. They say the greatest gravitational pull is the black hole and yet radiation moves away from the core (the opposite of what should be predicted). Anything that can be made or produced is atomic. To change an element we take away or add the number of electrons or protons of the atom. Chemical reactions are molecule changes by a simple addition or subtraction of an atom.


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