Sunday, 16 October 2016

Irrelevancy of the Young/Old Argument

Is it strange for a Geologist to have a Young Earth perspective? It isn't any less strange than an Old Earth one. Everything comes and everything happens in an infinite loop. The young-old dynamic is incoherent. This world in an eternal loop called the 'wheel of suffering and death". It's mathematically impossible for this creation to perish. Knowing that our eyes are receivers, not transmitters means we know we don't see anything outside of our eyes. This means all those galaxies we see are inside our head. How can something in our head be 13.8 billion years away? This is how applying thought is done. A finite reality is couched in the infinity. We know this mathematically. Zero comes before one and infinity comes after the last finite number. Zero is as infinite. It cannot be multiplied nor divided. A finite reality such as ours works is couched in infinity. We can know this mathematically. It cannot be multiplied nor divided. All of the physical universe is defined with finite values between zero and infinity. That which isn't described with finite values is constant (unchanging).

Information has to be fixed to survive. The limits on space, time, mass and velocity create an illusory experience. The limits and what they limit are real. Superpositioning a location from the one true location allows for perceptual distance between the two which will cause the illusion of limited space out of unlimited space. If anyone tries to tell you that you are insignificant in this universe you can straighten their heads out. Everything is made so that you believe the universe is outside your body and you're looking at it. But you don't feel the sun's heat on your skin. Signals are sent to the brain and the brain manufactures the sensation of heat on your skin so that you'll believe it is the sun doing it.Bodies are virtual reality simulators which means this whole shebang was made specifically for us to experience. Every galaxy is an independent spacetime universe with beings in bodies. If your senses haven't received it, you haven't perceived it. Experience is contact with information, not the information itself. Physical sensation is body contact with particle activity and this activity can vary from unnoticeable to very intense. When the intensity is greater than what we perceive as PLEASANT, it begins its descent into UNPLEASANT. The more intense, the deeper the descent, the more painful it will be perceived.

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