Friday, 21 October 2016

Can Space Expand?

The Consensus Science Industry gets mad at me and says: "we know the universe is expanding!" Logic won't allow the present theory to match reality. Space can't expand. Only particles can get farther apart to make material expand. How does learning science theories that fail to describe the true nature of reality benefit anyone? General Relativity says that spacetime is one property, having time directly proportional to space. We have Special Relativity showing velocities exceeding natural free fall of objects causing time's linear frame-rate slowing down at a constant rate of change meaning that once it reaches the speed of light, time stops completely. What happens to space when that happens? It becomes a single point. They are telling kids to go to school so that they can be taught that light which has no time to go anywhere and no place to go to, does it all at 300,000 kilometers per second.

Does the brain really function as a process to represent information to processes? Can this be the work of environmental pressures such as land mass shifting and rising sea levels? If I say red shoe and you see a red shoe in your mind, that wasn't from the brain. Brains represent information received by the senses. They didn't receive a red shoe because a red shoe isn't black English letters on a white background. Consensus Science Industry: "The moon is moving away from the earth at about 3.8 centimeters per year". How convincing is the idea that a very small change to the moon's orbital distance is constant in a universe full of planetary bodies and stars moving at light-speed-like velocities all pulling away from one another in an expanding universe with their gravitational centers?

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