Saturday, 29 October 2016

No Linear Time, No Evolution

Evolution requires that the future be created linearly and linear time is a perceptual error caused by being at a relative reference frame (a body). Four dimensional reality is needed to be non-virtual (actual). Dimensionality is caused by the brain which takes non-spacial, atemporal, non-dimensional information (blueprints) building a dimensional representation. The brain causes the four dimensional reality. It is a perceptually-dependent reality, not an actual one. Physical reality is created by our brains. To say that our brains were the result of evolution is the same thing as saying an effect can cause its own cause. Evolutionary theory can be falsified if the body is found to be designed for a simulated reality and not a real 'stuff is really stuff' reality. The body, when examined, is found to be exactly that; a functioning reality simulator. All physical pain that we feel is not physical pain at all. That pain is manufactured in the brain to convince us that there is pain in our toe when we stub it. All physical objects are really waves (look up electron wave nature) which is what information or blueprints look like in perceptually-dependent space. When these waves or blueprints enter the sensory organs, it is sent to the brain to be decoded and built into a virtual image of what those instructions say the object is to look like. The three-dimensional reality needed to be real in order for the Theory of Evolution to correlate with the true nature of reality is caused by the body. The body is the one that causes the three dimensional, perceptually-dependent reality. This not-actually-real reality cannot produce a body to produce the reality to produce this body.


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