Monday, 31 October 2016

Unanswered Questions by the Consensus Science Industry

*Why can a photon travel and cause a measurement of time but be at the constant where time stops?
*Why is observation key to reality being in a particle state when unobserved it's in a wave state?
*What is empathy, instinct, intuition?
*What is gravity, really?
*What is the cause of time dilation?
*What is the true nature of infinity?
*Where are the other universes if there are any?
*Does the brain proceed from the Mind or does the mind proceed from the brain?
*Is there life after death?
*If only dimensional surfaces can act as location for light, why can we see the blue sky during daylight hours?
*If the earth was a sphere and the earth was on fire, why would the flames be flickering downward from the people living in Antarctica?
*If distance needs to be perceived to be actual, is there distance when no one is looking? If there is no distance, can there be movement which requires it? Tell me how evolution works in a non-motion model.


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