Monday, 3 October 2016

The Will

Will and determinism
Can co-exist;
Will is absolute;
It won't vary
Regardless of infinite looping times
In an eternal regression.
Will doesn't need will power;
Will power is really power
To fight the natural will;
Anti-will power.
Will is in the Absolute;
The Infinite or Constant state;
It's is what you have
When the brain
Doesn't provide objects to perceive.
Will is static;
Both dna code and environment
Of our individual bodies
Are shaped by will
Is the same organization
No matter how many times
We repeat that life.
We haven't the means
To do anything differently.
Will is timeless;
Will is spaceless;
For something to have temporary existence,
It has to have location co-ordinates in space.
Will isn't something
That can be owned.
Will purposed a perceptual reality:
The information as matter waves
Are meant to be converted
Into dimensional representation;
It needs a designed information decoder
To accomplish that.

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