Friday, 28 October 2016

The Unrapeable Object

The respected spokesman for an atheistic paradigm, Daniel Dennett, has removed the right to make rape a crime. He has the view that bodies are ownerless. If an object is ownerless, who is going to tell us we can't claim it as our own? The subject is the owner of the body. We can't have sex with that body unless permission has been given. It belongs to a subject. If the body belonged to no one, there is no one to get permission and we wouldn't be amiss to have sex with it as if it was our own. If we are no more than chemicals, that makes us nothing more than a glorified glue stick. Emergence is the unsupportable, faith-based claim to rival the theists' 'God'. Objects (computers) will never be conscious. For a computer to become Subject, it would have to exist in a the state that a Subject can exist which is the infinite state (no space, no time). The only phenomenon known to us that abides at this state is light. 

At its velocity, time stops, meaning space has contracted to a single location. This is how being outside of space and time is defined. Science has known for a very long time that mass can't be at the constant. If I say, 'red shoe' and you see a red shoe in your mind, that wasn't from the brain. Brains represent information received by the senses. They didn't receive a red shoe because a red shoe isn't black English letters on a white background. You have to begin your logical deduction from the constant. Any measuring done from a relativistic reference frame will result in useless data-gathering. Gravity need not apply. Force is described by Sir Isaac Newton as mass [x] acceleration. All mass objects have a natural velocity in space which is the velocity where mass becomes weightless. When our bodies, which have a velocity vector perpendicular to earth's surface, get resisted by this surface, our mass is accelerated to 0 km/hr. and a force measurement can be recorded. If linear time doesn't actually exist, then it's only event change that does. This spacetime reality works if all the objects in the events move at the same rate of speed, which is why we observe the terminal velocity of mass objects being identical regardless of the mass's size.

Finding balance is finding your center. If all objects are falling with the same 'down', you won't fall off the bike if you're directly on top of it. You'll be falling on top of the seat of the bike which allows you to be centered on the bike and not off-center and on the ground.

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