Thursday, 27 October 2016

Below the Angel, Above the Animal

Who is causing human beings to desire lowering their value by wanting humanity categorized as 'animal'? We know by the punishment we hand out in our justice system that human lives have greater value than fish or ducks. We don't go to prison for murdering ducks on a hunting trip. Humans are more than animals. Animals are only concerned with their bodily needs. Humans are planetary conscious and can think as a global whole. If we're animals we should either be decent when we're naked or dogs should be wearing garments to hide their shame. The only way animals can reproduce is if they are the same animal sharing compatible DNA. We will always get offspring that is the product of the parents' DNA. All bodies are made. Reproduction can't take place unless the DNA codes match. This stops an evolutionary animal body morphing paradigm.

Does it take faith to be an atheist? Do sperm have any use if there is no egg? Can symbiotic relationships such as sperm and egg be produced by natural, apathetic, intention-deficient processes? All that can be done is for them to pretend that nature can make hormones that will turn bits into either compatible male genitalia or compatible female genitalia. Any actual applied thought to this problem would make a person throw the Theory of Evolution away in a heart beat.

 The only way animals can reproduce is if they are the same animal sharing compatible DNA. The atheist is one who finds it more plausible for a dropped glass of milk on to a hard surface being the originator of a universe than a Divine Intelligence. Thanks, Charles Darwin, for laying a philosophical ground- work, creating this government-ogre-authoritarian-rule-based-we're just a number, human existence. Quoting Darwin, "It was without exception the most curious & interesting spectacle I ever beheld. I would not have believed how entire the difference between savage & civilized man is. It is much greater than between a wild & domesticated animal. I believe if the world was searched, no lower grade of man could be found." Fossil evidence of found humanoid skulls doesn't support a monkey-to-man theory. There are skulls dated older than three million years having features more common to our modern skull than skulls dated less than a million years old.

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