Tuesday, 4 October 2016


There is no before and after
In the Now and Here;
The Land of "I".
There is no other than now;
If it isn't now,
It isn't real.
There is no difference
Between righteousness
And goodness;
To impute righteousness
Is to impute Godhood.
There is no different levels
Of existingness of characters
In your mind.
There is no direct correlation
With linear time
And spacial distance
Without an object
Traveling that distance.
There is no linear time
Connected to spacial distance.
There are no observable galaxies
In the past;
There is no linear time involvement
In a dimensional material event
With distance in it.
There is no location
For light to travel to;
Non-travel is non-motion.
There is no value for infinity
there is no number
That can replace the 'c'
In the equation, e=mc2.
There is no information
In infinity;
The nature of information
Is limiting the limitless,
Defining the undefined;
Taking values
From the valueless.
There is no folded space;
Only atomic-made material
Can be folded.
There is no light in space.
There is no logical explanation
Given by modern consensus science theories
For the identical mass
And charge values
Of particles popping
In and out of the events
Our reference frames are in.
There is no music
Outside the body;
That's exclusively a material reality;
It happens in bodies.
There is no spirit world;
'World' is a perceptual reality
Requiring bodies to see it.
There is no such thing
As a whole person;
What we think is our person
Is bits and pieces
Strung together in our mind.
There is no way
To get perceptual reality
Without senses bringing the information
To the brain.
If it isn't from the senses,
It's self-created on the fly.
There is nothing to be saved from
Except lies from religious,
And law authorities.
There is no destination;
You don't arrive at enlightenment;
You find out that enlightenment
Is discovering the Journey
To be everything.

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