Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Milky Way Universe

Your universe is the galaxy. All galaxies are independent of one another and have their own source of origin (black hole). They are in an information state radiating out in waves meant to be exploited. We are those exploiters. Every independent spacetime system is a universe with a black hole as its source (galaxies). We have empirical evidence of each new moment-event being put together and each finished one dissolving (particles popping in and out of existence). Each universe is created to be perceived and enjoyed.
To consider oneself insignificant before the universe means we shouldn't go to prison and suffer life sentences if all we've snuffed out is completely without value. Galaxies are seen to change distance between one another, whereas our galaxy's constellations prove that the stars in it have fixed, immoveable positions. The most amazing thing about astrology is that the science is based on constellations. What are constellations? They are signs in the heavens made up of stars that hold fixed positions. Knowing that these signs have been unchanged for thousands of years means it holds the key to the truth about whether our universe is expanding, the result of a Big Bang, and if our universe is only our galaxy and not the sum of all galaxies. Rings around planets falsify the idea of mass objects having gravity centers. They don't group. They stay spread out in even rings.
Space can't curve. We notice space curving and say that space can be affected by a gravitational force which is utterly absurd. The reason space curves is because if a straight line is given an infinite value it will curve upon itself. A straight line is a circle with an infinite radius. Only our perceptions can read distortion. Why is the scientific community not questioning whether they're jotting down data that is in error due to perceptual distortion we know takes place with time dilation? Looking at the quantum world is looking at reality without perceptual spacetime goggles.
The whole entanglement debacle is the result of not taking into account the distortion caused by our Newtonian reference frame. This mistake then be- comes a platform premise to build a conceptual model of reality on. We observe two particles influencing one another instantaneously regardless of perceptual distance. There is no actual space or time to obstruct this communication. All locations in absolute reality are one location: the singularity.


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