Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our Brain: The First XBox

Something can't be both a particle and a wave. If it's a particle it can travel a distance in space causing a measurement of time and if it's a wave, it cannot. Is matter traveling space causing a measurement of time or is it not? The only way it could be both is if it was in one state and because of some particular process, was in a different state. Thought imagery are recreations of brain representations we've seen or distortions of them via self intention or the intention of others or unintended effects caused by perceiving actualized information. Information meant to communicate isn't open to interpretation. If it's information it'll be telling me the same thing as it's telling you.

The brain has four functions; to keep all thirteen systems functioning; to receive input from the senses so as to build three dimensional representational expressions from it; to learn things that aren't innate to Being but are helpful for spacetime reality navigation or manipulation and, finally, to provide conditions for the body to be able to fulfill its role as a means to fulfill the desires of Being. There is empirical proof that there is a non-transgressable ratio between space, time, mass and velocity. To prove this, we observe an observer with much less mass than us  (such as a honey bee). The much smaller observer with mass will have to have a faster time than us. We know that when an observer has a slower time than us the observer increases in mass. Space contracts to the same degree that the observer increases in mass (becomes larger). We can see that the collapsed wave is what non-spacial information looks like. If we take that information and force a distorted stretch through perceptually-conditioned space we will observe the wave-like form. Data is in the form of energy waves. Our body suits are made to convert those energy waves into an interactive world.

Newton's First Law of Motion states that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. There is no external force being applied on the earth to go in circles. Observation isn't taking place. The brain is building from the information received by the senses and the mind becomes aware of it. We aren't looking through our eyes. How to get out of paying taxes: Try this argument out: If your mind is only chemical reactions from the brain, who is there to owe anything to anyone?


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